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Enhancing your life through angels

Eye of Horus
The ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus (Udjat - 'Whole One')
is a powerful symbol of protection,
and is also considered to bestow wisdom, health and prosperity.

White magic love spells, money spells, custom spells all personalized for your specific desires.
Rev. Cassandra wants to help you achieve your heart's desires as much as you do.
All spells & rituals are performed mainly with the assistance of God,
the Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, and Pleiades Angel Yannie.
Also saints, masters &/or spirit guides, ascended masters & of course prayers.



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A Circle of Light Counseling
Merchant since January, 1999.


I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
Psychic Rev. Cassandra's photo
Psychic Intuitive Counselor
Spell and Ritual Caster
Feng Shui Master

I have been online since Apr 4, 1993
and IT IS my pleasure to serve you.
Thank you for inviting me into your life.

Over the years many people have asked me "How can you perform spells when you work with God's angels?"
One time I was giving a reading to a very dear client, who said she was fearful of spells. After explaining
the how and why of the spells I perform she felt far more calm & decided to order a couple of spells.
Later that day I realized that not everyone is in a position to ask me directly. I decided to explain online:
Why I perform spells

I hope you have a better understanding of my commitment to my work,
dedication to you, and my endless devotion to God and His angels.



All my spells and/or rituals entail burning specific personalized candles. If you are having a difficult time choosing the right spells or need a customized spell; then I am here to assist. Simply contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne.
Tell her your situation and what you are seeking. Then I'll meditate with the angels for their guidance as to what would be the best for you.

Spells and rituals assist you to live a happier life; to achieve your goals and/or hearts desires. My spells and rituals are different than most spell casters in that you can fulfill your intentions without turning to the dark side; meaning black magic, voodoo and other modalities that make you feel like you are selling your soul to the devil. ALL my spells and rituals are performed from the light side; meaning God is the source of my work. I work with Him, His angels, saints, ascended masters &/or spirit guides & prayers.

After the right spell has been chosen it must be prepared. The preparation first consists of making the candle. All the candles are made when we receive your request. They are made by myself and a spiritual candle maker, using beeswax or soy wax (these are purer non-toxic waxes) and the wicks are made from cotton or hemp. As she is melting the wax for the candles I am next to her meditating for guidance on which essential oils, herbs, gemstones, and/or powders need to include in the wax. Also, which incense, gemstones and/or crystals are to be used for the spells. Thus they are extremely personalized.

When it is time to begin your ritual or spell, I meditate to make sure I am very clearly connected with those higher beings who assist me and your angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides to bring in your highest good. I then dress the candles, again, with more of the appropriate oils, gemstones, powders &/or herbs. I burn incense, layout the crystals and/or gemstones, and then begin performing your spell or ritual.

Some spells or rituals also incorporate things like horseshoes, coffee grounds, pieces of silk, wood, and/or metal just to name a few. The rituals and/or spells can take a day, 3 days, a week, or 14 days; depending on the ritual or spell you choose. Some can only be performed at night, some at sunrise, some on a specific day of the week or month, and some only during a new or full moon. There are a few that can only be performed during the waning or waxing of the moon. The rituals have the details listed so you will know which ones can begin when (If there is not specific starting info then they can begin any time).

- Everything!! The ritual/spell itself, the candles, oils, herbs, & incense or any other ingredients that I use for your specific ritual or spell, and my time; though a few rituals do require a S&H fee. Note: the rituals, spells, or individual candles are not available for retail sales.

If you are seeking a type of spell and do not see anything like it listed here on the site, then check the Customized Spells & Rituals section.

Candles, Rituals, Spells, & Chakras

Spells & Rituals 1
(including: Happiness Spells, Blessing Spells, Good Luck Spells, Good Dreams Spells,
Protections Spells, Cleansing Rituals, Healing Spells, Letting Go of the Past Spells,
Inner Peace Spells, Forgiveness Spells, Anger Free Spells, Communication Spells)

Spells & Rituals 2
(including: Breaking Spells, Unbinding Spells, Repel Negativity Spells, Binding Spells,
Remove Curses Spells, Full Moon Releasing Spells, New Moon Attraction Spells,
Ridding Unwanted Negativity Spells, Removing Evil Spells, Court Legal Matters Spells)

Spells & Rituals 3
(Prosperity Rituals, Quick Money Spells, Increase Business Spells, Success Spells,
Grant 3 Wishes Spells, Grant 1 Wish Spells, Collecting Money Owed You Spells,
Get the Right Job Spells, Direct One's Energy Spells, Birthday Spells,
Easy Pregnancy Spells, Easy Labor Spells)

Love Spells
(including: our intense rainbow love spells, love enhancement spells, marriage spells,
outside forces spells, lover's spells, break-up spells, attract true love spells, dream spells,
heal a broken heart spells, mend a friendship spells, find true love spells, true love spells,
to love oneself spells, is it true love spells, receive more love spells, give more love spells,
fall out of love spells, and our annual Valentines's Day love spells)

Annual Rituals
Vernal/Spring Equinox spells, Summer Solstice spells, Autumn Equinox spells,
Winter Solstice spells, New Year's Blessings Spell, Valentine's Day Love Spells)

Customized Spells & Rituals

Fresh Start Spells

Prosperity Rituals

Chakras Cleansing & Balancing

Image Candles

Religious Candles

Pyramid Candles

Astrology Candles

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