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Find out what karma lessons followed you from a previous life to this life. And how to resolve them.

Karma Lessons
(Karmic Lessons)
Karma (also known as Dharma) - action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or from a reincarnation.

Dharma - essential quality or character, as of the cosmos or one's own nature stemmed from this life or a previous carnation.

In Hinduism - one of the means of reaching Brahman.

Theosophy - the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to is deeds in a previous carnation.

Sanskrit - fate, destiny.

From the Bible - what you sew is what you reap

From Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary.

Now, that being said, I must interject that I do not believe in the punishment aspect of karma; such as 'Karmic DEBTS'. I can not imagine God, who is a loving Father, saying 'well you goofed in a past life and now you have to pay for it'. I believe His words would be more along the line of 'well you goofed a lesson I gave you in a past life; so in this life the same lesson will be presented to you again. I hope you get it right this time'. Hence, I don't believe in 'Karmic Debt', but do believe in 'Karmic Lessons'.

Angels have told me that a karmic lesson is a significantly difficult situation in this life to learn lesson(s) that we failed in a previous life. It is much like going to college; if you do not pay attention or goof off then you have to repeat the course. It does not mean that the courses you passed have to be repeated; only the one you failed. It is like success and failure together, but sadly we humans have a tendency to pay more attention to the failures. And with justification; that is how we grow stronger as people, to attain what Carl Jung called "Transcendental State" (also called Brahman, Nirvana, or Spirituality).

Also, on a lighter side of knowing - all the things in this life in which we succeed is simply because we passed the lesson of them in previous carnations. That too follows us from life to life.

With Karmic Lessons we usually start at the negative expression of any given lesson until we are willing to accept the responsibility and exert the effort necessary to once and for all learn the lesson. Then we can move on to a more positive expression of ourselves.

There are many different karmic lessons; fear, the value of independence, understanding of finances, limitation of oneself, cooperation with self and/or others, self-expression, laziness towards working, abuse of human freedom, family inner action, abuse of sex and sexuality, understanding, compassion, selfishness, indecisiveness, failure to learn about one's emotional state; just to name a few. This does not mean you have to learn all these lessons. As I said before many will have already been learned in this life or past incarnations.

When I do your karmic lessons I will tell you what your behavior was in past lives; what situations have been or will be presented to you to learn the lessons and how to handle them.

Learn how you can resolve your karmic lessons once and for all.

The fee is $85.00 of which a portion goes to charity; by email only.



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