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98 caroline bates

Location: uk
Date: 07.12.2012
Time: 17:25:59
positive ,encouraging ,thought of love for all

97 Katie

Location: Florida
Date: 25.11.2012
Time: 06:10:24
Thank you for sharing.

96 Patrice Gallagher

Location: San Francisco
Date: 12.02.2012
Time: 07:45:45
Thank You Cassandra for these beautiful Affirmations.
They are presented in an easy, simple, clean format for me to easily and effortlessly be with, speak out loud and feel the goodness as I'm saying them in the Present Moment.
These are such a Gift.
Thank you For Sharing These Beautiful Words With the World.
They Make My Day Every Day - and Evening Too!
Patrice smile

95 rowena

Location: Philippines
Date: 09.02.2012
Time: 23:16:04
thank you. the affirmation are very nice.

94 Tanya Abdi-Pikelner

Location: Aurora, ON, Canada
Date: 26.01.2012
Time: 07:47:40
Thank you for this site. It is nice to know that there are people that I can turn to when I need support/affirmations. I thank the path I have been given. I have learned through through my troubles. There is always a positive to all that is presented to you. But I have to say, it is nice to also be near the end of some difficulties to then refocus on my energies. I love your positive outlook.

Thank you, T.

93 kat

Location: California
Date: 14.12.2011
Time: 16:48:27
Thank you for sharing such wonderful affirmations. I will in inturn share them as well. Best to you.

92 Amy

Location: The southern states of America (lots of them!)
Date: 23.09.2011
Time: 13:30:07
Thank you! Every season I look for a simple way to celebrate the change and promote positive energy for me and my family. Even though we didn't register for your ritual, just the part about creating three lists lit a spark for me. Then, when I went to your site for affirmations I was really energized!
We will have a small ritual tonight accompanied by many of the positive phrases you listed. One of my gratitudes will be YOU!
Sincerely, Amy

91 Mereana

Location: New Zealand
Date: 21.08.2011
Time: 18:21:49
I want to say the simple words of "Thank You". and yet we know these few words emanates the radiance of love and enjoy.

Three times THANK YOU

90 Angel Ford

Location: California
Date: 21.06.2011
Time: 08:53:52
Your words of affirmation were truly encouraging. As for cleansing and purification of the spirit, my mind would often wander as I tried to pull together thoughts in meditation--this page has helped guide me.
Thank you.

89 Ana Garcia

Location: Hawaii
Date: 14.04.2011
Time: 02:22:11
I heard Wayne Dwyer say to close the day with I AM affirmations and I was at a total loss. SO I came looking for some.

I thank you for having some up. I looked thru yours and picked a couple that applied to me.

I am very grateful to you for your service.

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