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8 kevin hauser

Location: atlanat,ga
Date: 09.08.2007
Time: 17:44:14

thank you...any/all suggestions for me to take advantage of your gifts, please advise. You are the first person I have requested for this type of assistance.
I will agressively do what you suggest to do and in the spirit and intension in which you wrote your suggestions.

7 Marcia

Location: Missouri
Date: 21.06.2007
Time: 19:11:26
I have been searching everywhere for help to turn my life in a better direction. I love Jesus so I have searched every religion on the net. While I believe prayer will eventually get me where I want to be I am having such a hard time dealing with the circumstances in my life so I started to look for a quick fix. As you mentioned, every site I searched for came up with dark "magic". Today at work we were dicussing auras, naturally I searched auras when I got home. It was as though I was directed to your site as it was the only one I opened. Thank you, for being there. I had begun to think the only option I had was to continue these trials & hope I could hang on but, there was the "Circle of Light".
God bless you, I hope you reach more people about to give up hope that there are good ways to change their life.

6 Jennifer

Date: 19.06.2007
Time: 15:24:17

My heart goes out to you and Tashi. Thank you for calling me and letting me know about Cali. We will all miss her.
Know that you have all been in my thoughts and prayers.
Sending lots of love and positive energy your direction.

5 Violet Eubank

Date: 24.05.2007
Time: 22:25:20
What a beautiful web site. I love the pictures and I am going
to try your afformations. I sure need to get out of this
funk I am in and have been in the past 9 months. I really
enjoyed looking through the site and will be back.

4 Militza

Location: Denver, CO
Date: 16.05.2007
Time: 13:52:58
thumbup I came to your site by chance, I was looking for Angel Prayers to assist me in my studies, memory and patience. my Angel is Archangel Michael and your site confirmed it for me. I'm really happy I found your site with all the helpful information. May God continue to give you his many Blessings! Thank you! thumbup

3 seyiram ramzy

Location: Accra/Ghana
Date: 27.04.2007
Time: 15:04:02
I came across your site by chance and I realy enjoyed your it.God bless you for the good work you are doing.I would like to ask you if you have the knowledge about how to use the 6th and 7th book of Moses. please if you know teach me the uses
of the semiphoras to good effect.I have the book but I don't know how to use it.A bunch of thanks for accepting my request.

2 Pamela Clay

Location: Ohio
Date: 14.04.2007
Time: 22:42:22

Hello .Ijust wanted to say I came across your page by chance ;looking for an answer to my health ,all i will ask is please pray for my family. smile Thank you I loved visiting your site smile

1 Christine DeSerio Gatehouse

Location: Purling N.Y. Originally Brooklyn N.Y.
Date: 06.04.2007
Time: 21:42:59

I visited your site and just loved it.I thank you for all the info you have allowed me too absorb. I wish I could render your services but at the moment my finanicial sitution is not good .But I will reading and using your info. God Bless You Christine.

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