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88 Brinda Chawrimootoo

Location: Mauritius
Date: 18.03.2011
Time: 00:33:24

87 Lindy

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Date: 08.03.2011
Time: 22:20:26
Thank you for such an AWSOME Web page, very inspirational, informative, caring and loving. I just ordered an email reading and can't wait for the results. Thank you for helping me and others who have stumbled, searched or came across your web page by means of Divine spiritual guidance. I look forward to ordering other services from you. Thank you so much and so kindly, with humbleness and love.

Lindy T.

86 Rosanne

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Date: 23.02.2011
Time: 12:48:36
smile I was just browsing looking for equonix rituals and found you. Lovely, I was just drawn in. Thanks for you.

85 stacy

Location: california
Date: 20.12.2010
Time: 18:42:37
I just wanted to thank you for sharing these positive affirmations and for the very clear explanations as to how and why they work and when and why they may not work well. Much appreciated. :)

84 SandmansAngel

Location: Gordons Bay, South Africa
Date: 16.12.2010
Time: 08:51:31
Wow, wow, wow!!!! biggrin

83 Valerie

Location: beautiful Oregon
Date: 15.12.2010
Time: 17:28:09
thank you, beautiful.

82 Jessica Freptim

Location: Toronto
Date: 06.12.2010
Time: 11:06:38
I believe all your words, your affirmations and the knowledge you share with all of us is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
and I really appreciate it.


Jessica Freptim

81 Melony

Location: Colorado Springs
Date: 23.09.2010
Time: 10:02:20
smile Thank you for the list of affirmations, it is very helpful!

80 Mel

Location: FL
Date: 21.09.2010
Time: 12:10:14
Thank you for your encouraging and supportive website. Affirmations help to create miracles.

79 Nancy

Location: Las Vegas
Date: 20.09.2010
Time: 16:46:41
Enjoyed the site, the prayer and the affirmations

In love and light, bright blessings to you,

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