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68 Bridgette Howard

Location: Klamath Falls OR
Date: 22.04.2010
Time: 23:21:53
This was my moms favorite poem and since she has passed I have forgotten the words and what it means to live by this. My 4 year old daughter brought me toy the other day and asked me to fix it...and at that moment in time I rememberd ... So now I have it back! Thank You So Much...

67 Ces

Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: 28.03.2010
Time: 13:36:06

The website speaks for itself "Circle of Light'. Rev. Cassandra is truly blessed for helping people to realize their worth as an individual who deserves the best in life. I must say that she did make a lot of sense when we spoke but I guess some people or to be specific, a hopeless romantic like me, can be stubborn because of love. However, her pieces of advice will give you light. I highly recommend her to anyone who would come across her site because everything in here is worth your attention and time. May God continue to bless her to be of service to more and more people. Meet Rev. Cassandra and be one with the circle-of-light.

66 Brian Witkus

Location: Spencer, Wisconsin
Date: 20.03.2010
Time: 18:55:03
I lost my wife of 18 years from cancer. It is very hard to let go of something so beautiful. I now have a new guardian angel. smile Thank you for that beautiful poem. God Bless

65 Kristina

Location: Seattle
Date: 19.03.2010
Time: 18:11:10
smile Thank You!

64 Jim

Location: Up North
Date: 09.01.2010
Time: 11:28:48
Very lovely site. Will study it more closely.

63 Joey

Location: United States
Date: 30.12.2009
Time: 12:22:52
Good afternoon Rev. As you know my name is Joe. I enjoyed this site a lot i would not like to bother you much about anything but i do have questions or comments. I found the Astral Document very helpful, and quite fullfilling. I've read the first page of the Robert Bruce's Treatie. Umm, i think you may find it shocking that i am only 15 and enjoy Astral Projection. I've been out of my body several time, I've read books, and i do basic Meditations. I believe in god and have no background of psychic ability. My mother was not psychic nor my father. I've been told i am an Old Soul trapped in a youngman's body and i'd love to be a medium. I cannot see spirts or hear them. I can feel them, and i could see them/hear them, when i was younger, I just really enjoyed this site, and i think that you propose very good points. I love psychic readings, but i've been trying to astral project because i feel as it will help me become a better medium. Having understanding of such a cyptic non-physical awareness freaks my friends out. I honestly can say i love it, and i wish I knew how to leave the right way, to the Phyiscal Plane epsecially. However, i understand that that is on a seperate plane. I've been under the trance several times, and my first time Projecting i opened my non physical eyes and grandfather held me down and screamed in my face (he's decesased) i don't know why he did, but he asked me to contact my father, who i later found out i had not been keep gonig contact wiht. I loved it so much, i wanted to do it everyday, but it is very difficult today. i was just wondering if you have any advise, i understand your very busy and it is compeltey understandable if you cannot get back to me. Thank you very much, and your document was awesome! Thanks so much! -Joey If you could email me back it would help vasty unsure

62 Michaela Clarke

Location: london, uk
Date: 21.12.2009
Time: 13:59:09
You have a very beautiful website and I love your prayers and affirmations. Thank you, love and many blessings, michaela

61 Bonnie

Location: Living in Churdan, IA. Born in Concord, MA
Date: 21.12.2009
Time: 12:03:57
The last few years, I have been doing a lot of "soul searchin" within myself. Trying to find peace within myself has been hard through other Christian means. Many of the ideals of Neopaganism (Wicca), Native American Spirituality and Druidism appeal to me.
However, I have to keep these beliefs quiet, for my family is very "Christian" and do not tolerate any deviation from those beliefs.
I hope that you do not think me weird, but after looking at many internet sites, yours is the one that struck a chord within me. (In other words, it "jumped out and said hello.")
Have a wonderful Holiday.

60 Susan Rivers

Location: Planet Earth
Date: 01.12.2009
Time: 09:37:11
I haven't been on the internet very long; certainly not as long as the 16 yrs you've been on, but want to express how glad I am to find your site. The peace and tranquility every page projects shows you are so filled with love and it is sincere. So I had ordered my very first psychic reading, which I had with you last Saturday. I was very nervous, but within minutes you made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I learned even more about you and your exceptional abilities. I was amazed that not only do you say we are brothers and sisters, you truly live this belief. I love what you said about "we are all brothers and sisters, but don't have to approve of what we consider poor behavior. Though we do have to remember that we are ALL God's children and He loves each of us equally". I will try to live by this belief and maybe I won't get so upset about people not using the common sense God gave them. Thank you for being you and all that you are. You truly are who you say you are and I am lucky to have found you and your site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a reading that has opened my eyes on what I'm doing right in my life and where I need to enhance my life. You are truly an angel of blessings. Now, I'm going to go order the New Year's Blessings ritual. Thank you so much.

59 Amy

Location: Utah
Date: 29.11.2009
Time: 17:51:51
I felt something peaceful about your website and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your insite and knowledge.

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