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58 Lorie

Location: San Diego
Date: 21.07.2009
Time: 20:01:12
Oh my gosh, you are local! I just sent an inquiry question to see if you could help me with a spell. Once I sent the email I started surfing the rest of your website and saw that we both live in the same beautiful city, San Diego! I love it here and I see you have posted pictures of so many of my favorite spots!

57 Carol Yvonne Lewis

Location: Minneapolis Minnesota
Date: 23.06.2009
Time: 21:34:02
Dear Rev. Cassandra:

I viewed you website day..before yesterday..I have viewed all of your services...Why you do this blessed work...the blessings that you have been to week ..I will be purchasing Your Prosperity rituals..I will tell my friends..This is Divine Spiritual Work--you Honor all Universal Spiritual principles smile ..You give back to causes --that I have lived through Child abuse and Dometic Violence---You are a Saint--I honor you!! Looking forward to working with you..

56 michele

Location: colorado usa
Date: 21.06.2009
Time: 07:05:08
i like your list of affirmations very much.
thank you.

55 denise barbi

Location: newcastle uk
Date: 20.06.2009
Time: 03:47:57
beautiful and affirmations great lots ive not heard or seen before thankyou for you divine light xx

54 Jasper J. N.

Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 17.06.2009
Time: 08:47:11
Many thanks for sharing this powerful information.

Summer Solstice Energies to all of you.

I am about to share this link with others.
Reciprocating your love and light to all.

53 Phyllis

Location: Ohio
Date: 23.05.2009
Time: 11:12:52
Thank you for such a wonderful website. I am at a low point in my life and looking for direction. The Universe works in strange and wonderous ways. I did a search for Feng Shui and found your website. There were so many helpful things. Then I looked around the rest of your site, your beliefs etc and found the affirmation page. Wonderful! I so needed to hear/read your words. It has helped me tremendously.
Again, thank you

52 Caroline Horne

Location: Calgary AB
Date: 09.05.2009
Time: 10:46:49

Love the hearts at the bottom of each page. The site was very informative, and I will be incorporating what I learned into my jewellery series loosely based on feng shui principles. Was thrilled to learn that what I was doing intuitively was correct. thumbup

51 Bec

Location: Australia
Date: 05.05.2009
Time: 23:30:06
Thank you

50 Annetjie

Location: Perth, Australia
Date: 04.05.2009
Time: 23:46:46
Dear Cassandra, I came across your site by chance last night. About a year ago I had a numerology reading done and it became clear that I have a few (serious) relationship/financial lessons to learn. I don't get any answer back from my source and now try and find out how Im suppose to learn those lessons. I also came across your page dedicated to your departed family and I immediately started crying when I saw your tribute to your little fourlegged best friend. I had to put my little Gombi down three years ago and still cannot get over him. Your site is like a wonderful welcoming refuge which I will definitely visit from time to time. God bless and I love you!!

49 Tara Firman Stiles

Location: Loveland,Ohio
Date: 29.04.2009
Time: 04:15:24
Hey I love your site and thanks for the very valuable information made known about angels,truely helpful.I really need their help at the present time.So I thank you for your website,extremely helpful.I wish you nothing but the best and hope you are having a great year.Sincerely with sisterly love Tara biggrin lamp

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