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48 Jo Ann

Location: El Paso, TX
Date: 16.03.2009
Time: 14:04:41
LOVE your site! Thank you for all the great info, it's great for someone like me just learning about solstice, tarot and other spritual matters!

47 jean parkin

Location: England
Date: 14.02.2009
Time: 04:04:10
You are a light worker and it is a pleasure to meet you. I dont have the words to explain my feelings, so i will just say thank you.

46 Desheyla

Location: California
Date: 25.01.2009
Time: 03:14:25
I wink send you light and love wink

45 Lorraine

Location: NY
Date: 12.01.2009
Time: 11:29:51
I read your beautiful tribute to your dear sister. It made me cry but I know she is up in heaven with her loved ones and is always with you.

44 Kim

Location: Illinois
Date: 28.12.2008
Time: 05:05:13
wink Thank you for opening my mind and heart. biggrin

43 Paula

Location: Canada
Date: 19.12.2008
Time: 22:36:15
Blessings for the beautiful words of Wisdom you have shared on your website that connect so many of us Beings. We are all One...each on our own path, yet all on the same journey. In Love and Light..Paula

42 anonymous

Location: country
Date: 17.12.2008
Time: 13:09:00
g smile od bless you wink cool biggrin confused thumbup lamp blink ohmy unsure

41 Hema Temara

Location: New Zealand
Date: 14.12.2008
Time: 17:51:22
Thank you so much for the wonderful prayers which are useful tools for me as I travel a lot in New Zealand.


40 midna

Location: Canada
Date: 14.12.2008
Time: 17:13:38
smile thank you for your wisdom

39 Boyd Peterson

Location: Live in Rockaway Beach NY
Date: 11.12.2008
Time: 19:19:20
I love your 5 simple ways to be happy!

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