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38 glenda

Location: the north
Date: 29.11.2008
Time: 11:50:58
I am uplifted with the thoughts and prayers of your page.
May the blessings of the season be plentiful.
peace and harmony

37 Michele Hansen

Location: Portland
Date: 13.11.2008
Time: 10:49:56
Thanks for sharing your beautiful energy with the Universe via the Web... Blessings to you!

36 Bob

Location: ??? come from??
Date: 02.11.2008
Time: 06:53:48

smile Bless you! I find your pages full of affirmation of peace love and good intention for the universal world we live in with all of our brothers and sisters. Peace Love and Blessings to you thanks for your effort to put this amount of time and work toward peace and good

God & Spirit bless you.

35 sheryl

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA
Date: 26.10.2008
Time: 12:48:14
thumbup I really find that your web-site very informative.

34 Herb Pease

Location: Harrogate, UK
Date: 02.07.2008
Time: 19:07:08
Such an informative site. I'm glad I came across it. It's very inspiring. Even for those of us who are set financially experience hard times. I was glad to find your guidance. Oh, and don't let the spammers get to you. It happens. smile

33 aine

Location: maryland
Date: 21.06.2008
Time: 19:01:51

happy summer solstice! i found you while looking for a spell for release, manifestation and peace. your site was a welcome find to me after such a trying day. peace to you.


32 Marcela

Date: 24.05.2008
Time: 08:00:03
thumbup I thank God to find you, you are an Angel, i was blind and had fears you helped me and my family too, thank you again for your words, your work, your advise, i was with out hope, now i feel more strong. Thank you God for send Cassandra to my life.

31 Lynn

Location: New Jersey
Date: 27.03.2008
Time: 13:31:29
Good Day, I would like to thank you for allowing me to learn from your knowledge and enjoy your beautifully designed site. I am recently divorced 3 1/2 years and am excited to begin my new life. I was searching feng shi on the internet so when i sell my present home (where i lived 20 years of marriage) to a place of my own i want it make it MY OWN and set it up properly. Reading your site showed me how much my home during marriage didnt fit my spiritual self and how it was not set up for my family. But, all is good now and life is wonderful. I wish you all the good of the universe.
Thank you again

30 CL

Location: houston
Date: 07.03.2008
Time: 23:26:09
I was online looking for spiritual items/ prayers. I click on your web site. I enjoyed reading all your affirmations. Everybody needs spiritual guidance, and daily prayers.

29 Michele

Location: South Africa
Date: 06.03.2008
Time: 14:38:47
I love the art work on your site, its really lovely. I also find the information very interesting.

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