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28 Shanta

Location: Singapore
Date: 05.03.2008
Time: 18:07:07
Thank you for all your prayers and the Prosperity Ritual you have done for me. God Bless! You are the angel sent to me by GOD.

27 Amanda

Location: NJ
Date: 28.02.2008
Time: 16:35:11
Thank you for putting together an informative, easy to navigate, enlightened website! I have been visiting your pages for 3 years now, and have forwarded the link to your site to those I care about, for I feel the knowledge that can be gained here is quite valuable and useful.
Amanda in NJ

26 Amanda

Location: NJ
Date: 28.02.2008
Time: 16:30:07
Hello Cassandra,
I just wanted to send you a quick note and express my gratitude for the wonderful chimes on your site. I have been listening to them now for about 3 years; they have an incredible calming effect on me; I feel energized and hopeful as I listen to them as well. I wonder why this is. I have listened to other sounds, such as waves, rain, and birds, but none have quite the same magical effect as your chimes do. Perhaps one day you could add a page on your site exploring sounds or chimes?
Thank you again!
Love and light,
Amanda in NJ

25 Liara

Location: Australia
Date: 04.02.2008
Time: 17:03:36
Your website emits good vibrations. The angel images are very uplifting for the soul. I send you love & light from Down Under.

24 Geoff Martin

Location: MI
Date: 16.01.2008
Time: 21:15:15
Finally I've found what i need. Thank you so much for the list of angels and their purpose, the last website i was using decided to shut down before i could finish my work, I hope you'll be around for a long time :)

23 Paula McKay

Location: Michigan
Date: 10.01.2008
Time: 12:34:06
Joy, Blessings and Increase to everyone

22 George Johnson

Location: Maryland
Date: 27.12.2007
Time: 17:10:48
Thanks for the information

21 Shanta

Location: Singapore
Date: 25.12.2007
Time: 05:13:01
Thanks for all the positive vibes sent to me during the Prosperity Ritual. It is still going on while I am writing this. Thank you my dear.

20 Monica Collins

Location: Kelseyville, CA
Date: 22.12.2007
Time: 00:01:22

I found the positivity of this site to be of enormous help to my spirit's journey. Being a rather negative person my nature or nurture, I have been trying to turn my energies around. I was moved by the comment that our words and thoughts create our lives. I've heard it before, but there was just something about its presentation that snagged my attention and kept it. Now I see the goals needed to progress toward, and I thank you for making this available to me and others.

How did you come to these realizations? Life experience? Were you born a positive person? I'd really enjoy your reply.
Thanks again, Monica

19 Kevin Brisson

Location: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
Date: 09.12.2007
Time: 14:02:41

Thank you again my dear.
I found my way back to you again. You know there`s cool vibrations between us because I lost any type of communications I had with you from 2005 (only once with you) then found you again in 2007.
I was busy with my career. What a time that was as you know in the psychic world! Wow!
For an actor on his way to Hollywood, it`s a fast ride!!!
So thank you again, my dear.
My deepest thoughts and wishes towards you on Christmas day.

Kevin Brisson

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