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I send you love.

On Tue Dec 25 13:29:55 CST 2001MAIRAV SHALTIEL ( :GLENVIEWIL
Wrote : i love angels and love your site, angels are for real they come to special people with such good hearted souls,before you know it they will touch your heart,they will come to those who have so much love and to those that beleive with all they are ,
On Sat Dec 22 16:25:24 CST 2001Jaclyn Huntington ( :LasNevada
Wrote : Thank you for a beautiful site. I came here seeking comfort for the loss of a close friend, Jason Hanson, to a car accident on November 21, 2001. He was 21 years old. May he rest in peace.
On Tue Dec 18 21:12:53 CST 2001ruth c ( :bocaflorida
Wrote : Just surfed in and wanted to let you and your angels know that I really enjoyed my visit and stay. You have a wonderful website with much to offer for everyone. Best of luck and kind regards, NAMASTE, ruthc;o)
On Thu Dec 13 21:45:03 CST 2001Arthur Packard (BansheeO'Tyrone) :MonmouthMaine
Wrote : Very nice site. If you will as my time is short due to Agent Orange Lymphoma,say a prayer for this "Croppy Boy". May the love of the highest power fall upon you all, as I have been told... The Horsemen are Loosed. Not to fear for Our Lady has spoken such... Is D'Eirinn Me (I Am of Ireland) BansheeO'
On Thu Nov 29 14:46:25 CST 2001trinity phillips () :
Wrote : A New Discovery I’ve recently discovered that Deepak Chopra has collaborated with Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics on a CD called “Grow Younger, Live Longer.” As a new age thinker and practitioner of meditation, massage, Yoga and holistic healing, I found this CD to be perfect music for my taste and exactly the type of CD I would love for someone to share with me, had I not discovered it myself. So, for those of you who share my interests and my taste in music, I found a link that will give you more info on the CD: I hope you find the music to be as relaxing and enlightening as I have. Peace.
On Wed Nov 28 02:07:31 CST 2001Andrea Agillon ( :DilimanQuezon
Wrote : Wonderful website! More Power to all of You
On Sun Nov 4 12:59:07 CST 2001janie pierson ( :Seatlewa
Wrote : You have a wonderful site...please feel free to visit mine...we have a few thoughts in common. Love, Janie
On Thu Nov 1 16:03:43 CST 2001Guo YInPing ( :QINGDAOSHANG
Wrote : Thank you for your lovely informative site
On Thu Nov 1 10:16:22 CST 2001Johan Lindeman ( :
Wrote : You have a nice site! I enyoed really! Take also a look at my website, we have there free online readings.. God bless, Johan
On Thu Nov 1 01:41:33 CST 2001MACY SMIT ( :
On Sat Oct 20 01:04:41 CDT 2001Carlos Marin ( :San DiegoCA
Wrote : Rev. My wife and I are close followers of the astrology and our believes are closely related to Angels and Spiritual advancement. You have a beautiful page and we will be in touch with you soon. We have some questions to be answered in our lifes. I know you will be very helpfull. Saludos Carlos & Gail Marin
On Mon Oct 15 07:55:47 CDT 2001 Brynjarsdóttir ( :Reykjavík104
Wrote : This is a really nice page. It´s very beautiful. Congratulations :)
On Mon Oct 8 11:24:28 CDT 2001Susan Heim ( :WILLIAMSPORTp/a
Wrote : I would love to say have the most wounder full site yet i have been to in all the time spend going to on the net through some of my days and espeical as the graphics are fantastic and your poems are great as i my self don,t a site for mey poems yet i hoped you liked the one i sent to your email mail earlyer i hoped didn,t mind me sendinh it thier... i read that one poem i sent you to room 5o's love 5 room and they all saids its true with the words i put in thier for what i said.. plese keep your site going and i wish you many poems and pictures to come in the near future and iwsh you all the best ... God Bless YOU and your Fmaily..through out the coming year also.. if you care to pass messages to me please to my hotmail account i have give you any time.. thank you. yours sincerely susan
On Wed Sep 19 21:38:33 CDT 2001Wendy Martin ( :Kailua-KonaHawaii
Wrote : Thank you for some missing pieces to the big puzzle.....I am moving into a life filled with joy and laughter ~ a life that is so full and rich and blessed! Sweet Aloha!!
On Wed Sep 19 11:36:23 CDT 2001GerryRae Schultz ( :HartfordWisconsin
Wrote : HI love your site I drop in every so often to see what you have added aa I enjoy it so much. Take Care and Bless GerryRae UNITED STATES WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Sun Sep 16 17:17:08 CDT 2001ECHOS BALE ( :GLOUCESTER
On Tue Sep 11 15:41:15 CDT 2001Peggy Porter ( :VillaGA
Wrote : Having had NDEs and visions, I was interested in any sharing of insight and stumbled onto your site. It is great.
On Tue Sep 11 08:32:31 CDT 2001techno mp3 () :
Wrote : Hi from france !
On Sun Sep 9 14:25:15 CDT 2001william walsh ( :willardohio
Wrote : really like your site,i;m sorry i cant afford the directory,or i would be happy to join,so thank you william walsh
On Thu Sep 6 08:46:37 CDT 2001Charyl () :Florida
Wrote : Wow! What a great idea---I hope more people join on! :-) Charyl-
On Fri Aug 31 00:11:34 CDT 2001Kevin Bain ( :Illinios
Wrote : Very well done on your site. I enjoyed surfing it. Feel free to visit my site as well I would be greatly honored.
On Wed Aug 29 20:39:24 CDT 2001Joe Li ( :HongHong
Wrote : A very nice web site.
On Sat Aug 11 22:23:15 CDT 2001tony misner ( :newtonnew
Wrote : very enjoyable
On Fri Aug 10 12:06:51 CDT 2001Ann Kelmar ( :PerthWestern
Wrote : Thank you for a highly entertaining,informative,lovely experience. Hope to drop in again soon. Lots a Love
On Wed Aug 8 11:45:46 CDT 2001WisdomsEdge () :HartfordWIsconsin
Wrote : I love this site and I shall return often. Thank you so much Take Care and Bless GerryRae
On Sun Aug 5 06:53:01 CDT 2001Johan Lindeman ( :
Wrote : Hello, You have a nice website.. I'm from the netherlands and enjoy reading your site. Visit also my site if you like.. With love, johan
On Sun Jul 29 15:07:25 CDT 2001Katrina Crawford ( :
Wrote : Thank-you and God's Peace to you.
On Sun Jul 29 09:15:47 CDT 2001Steve Luby ( :
Wrote : I need help from a genuine professional. Please write me if you are that. No fakes please.
On Sat Jul 7 12:12:48 CDT 2001terri sammarco ( :BrooklynNY
Wrote : Bless you, Cassandra for this beautiful site. I have lit 2 candles for friends of mine and both received miraculous events (one was told the cancer they believed she had was NOT there, the other began getting offers for work and easing of physical pain). I don't believe in coincidence. I DO believe in miracles. I want to send you blessings, yet I know that what we put out into the world, we receive in abundance, and so I know that you are wrapped in blessings now and always. Thank you for the light and love you bring to the world.
On Mon Jul 2 21:49:06 CDT 2001Kathy Moore ( :LutherMI.
Wrote : I love your site and will be back.
On Mon Jul 2 06:20:57 CDT 2001Sheri Sinclair ( :RockwallTx.
Wrote : Are you associated to with Dwana Paul in any way or know how to contact her?
On Sun Jul 1 13:05:38 CDT 2001wiesia kurinzi (WKLG@EXCITE.COM) :Somervillenew
Wrote : Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful and enlightening web sight!! Peace, joy & love, Wiesia~ 7/01
On Tue Jun 19 16:46:11 CDT 2001brenda adams ( :Louisville,Kentucky
Wrote : I like your site. Nice
On Mon Jun 18 01:09:23 CDT 2001Wendell Salmons ( :EvansvilleIndiana
Wrote : Id like to understand angel better. all my life ive seen demons because im dianosted with schizophrenia and i hear then tell me to do thing i would never do so if you can right back that would be great thank you.....
On Wed Jun 13 15:43:09 CDT 2001zandra sotoborja ( :mexico
Wrote : thank you for letting me find you i find so much peace when i come to your page...i really need it... thank god for miracles........ love zandra
On Wed May 30 17:02:01 CDT 2001Wes Baricuatro ( :PukalaniHi
Wrote : Aloha great site
On Wed May 23 03:59:44 CDT 2001Chris Di ( :LargoFl
Wrote : Hey....just wanted to say hi again...and thank you for the reading, and the insight on Cathy (I can't wait!). I'll be researching the things we talked about, and I will get back with you soon for another reading. I had so much fun last time. Looking foreword to speaking with you again. I'll get my CD's out to you today ! Chris
On Tue May 22 17:10:33 CDT 2001Darryl Mays ( :SanCalifornia
Wrote : Hi Cassandra! My name is Darryl Edwin Mays from San Francisco, California, and, I really, really love your 'Metatron/Arch-Angel web page!!!!! I truly love the Hebrew Qabbalah, and, the Zohar! I already know The Living God's holy name too! It is 'Yah Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh', and, Hadiriron YHWH'D Of Hosts, Holy, Holy, Holy! Sincerely Yours Forever Cassandra, Darryl Edwin Mays
On Mon May 14 17:00:58 CDT 2001MARJORIE Rev. ( :RhylNorth
Wrote : We also provide a Healing clinic absent and hands on. A consultation service.I enjoyed your site. Thank you. Rev.Marj
On Fri May 11 06:35:45 CDT 2001Ashley Walsh ( :PortFL
Wrote : Hi Cassandra, Remember me? The site looks wonderful and your floating angels look very familiar. I have a question (site promotion) for you. Please contact me when you get a chance. It is great to see your site doing so well. Love, Ashley
On Sat May 5 17:17:51 CDT 2001Trisha Scales ( :HoumaLouisiana
Wrote : I believe in Angels and have the same spiritual beliefs.
On Sun Apr 29 05:53:59 CDT 2001jan nyrhinen ( :sydneynsw
Wrote : i found your site through an email that was sent to me. I have found your site (and the graphics)to be incrediable. I look forward to looking over your site in the future.
On Thu Apr 26 09:26:23 CDT 2001Emmanuel Salu ( :Accra
Wrote : I have just found your site through curiosity. It is very inspiring. I shall visit it again. Thanks for this great work. Bye.
On Mon Apr 23 11:41:59 CDT 2001Katarin Morris ( :GrandMichigan
Wrote : Just thought I'd let you know that I've come to your site for further insight. Your place is the only one that I've come upon without charging a fee for a prayer circle. God Bless you for that because I don't believe anyone should take money in for prayer, it just doesn't make sense. Again, I like what I see, keep up the good work.
On Sat Apr 14 23:48:50 CDT 2001Adrienne ( :NewNY
Wrote : This was just beautiful. I love Angels and everything about angels. I do believe also that angels are here on earth as well as in Heaven. Your website is absolutely pretty and the music also. Thank God for talented people like you. I wanted to learn more about angels so I printed literature about the three angels you mentioned. I will read it tomorrow because here I am at this computer late night after midnight and I am very tired. I am glad I came across this meaningful site. God bless you. Angel blessings to you and yours. Happy Easter!!! Adrienne
On Thu Apr 12 13:35:30 CDT 2001Dorothy Lutz ( :SanCa
Wrote : I have enjoyed your website very much. I will be seeing you soon. GOD BLESS ALL and may you always here your ANGELS.
On Tue Apr 10 23:30:07 CDT 2001Valorie Hunter ( :Washington
Wrote : Dear Cassandra, I love the new look to your site! I plan to explore it more indepth, but just wanted to let you know I stopped by to say "hi". Love and Light ~ Valorie from Tarot by Valorie
On Thu Apr 5 20:38:33 CDT 2001sharida cassie (aaaccessories@HOTMAIL.COM) :San
Wrote : interesting first time visit
On Tue Apr 3 15:24:30 CDT 2001Karen ( :HuntingtonCA
Wrote : Beautiful site and place to visit, full of warmth and kindness. I'll be back.
On Tue Apr 3 04:13:14 CDT 2001Heiko Herrmann ( :WiesbadenHessen
Wrote : Never give up...!!! MY love to you...!
On Fri Mar 30 18:28:04 CST 2001Bonnie Sather ( :NorthfieldMN
Wrote : This is a beautiful website. Well Done!
On Wed Mar 28 00:43:39 CST 2001weng yong ( :muscat
Wrote : Geathered a lots o info from your site thank you
On Tue Mar 20 18:50:23 CST 2001Barbara ( :Ontario
Wrote : Hi There! I was out for an evening stroll and happened to come along your home here on the web. This is a wonderful site! I'm not quite finished touring around as you have so much to offer, but I'll be sure to stop back again for another return visit soon as I have bookmarked your site. Oh before I go about my journey, I want to thank you for selecting the birthday linkware set that your showing on your birthday celebrations page. It's nice to see that someone enjoys them...:) Regards, Barb
On Thu Mar 15 14:44:53 CST 2001micheal teal ( :hamiltonontario
Wrote : greetings from canada . my compliments on an impressive site . its always nice to come across other psychics on the net . i wish you much success . peace .
On Tue Mar 13 12:58:35 CST 2001Jessica Jonsson ( :kristianstad
Wrote : Do you mind if I put a link at my page to yours? I LOVE angels and have some images of them...but would also like to have information about them, and your page is perfect! PLEASE!!!!!!! Sincerely: Jessica Jonsson
On Wed Feb 21 14:40:16 CST 2001Paula Hendrix ( :CarlsbadCA
Wrote : Can't wait to come meet with you!
On Sun Feb 11 08:46:20 CST 2001Lea Spicer ( :London
Wrote : I would be interested in more information/membership. I could only find the webring option. I dont (as yet) have a webpage. I am very keen to be involved with like minded people and found this site very interesting,
On Mon Feb 5 11:08:00 CST 2001Neelum Malkani ( :NewNew
Wrote : This is a truly remarkable website. It offers a sense of peace and comfort with its colors, words, and off-course the beautiful angels that almost feel as if they are present in our hearts at this very moment when exploring the site.... Regards, Neelum
On Fri Feb 2 23:22:23 CST 2001Lisa Clark ( :phxaz
Wrote : I was completly breathless. It brought tears to my eyes. I finialy found it. Thank you Lisa
On Fri Jan 26 00:35:59 CST 2001Veronica ( :ExeterCA
Wrote : I found this to be a very interesting sight!!!
On Wed Jan 24 15:19:37 CST 2001christel andersen ( :høngvestsjælland
Wrote : dear people....its the most beautifull site i ever been seing with all my angellove christel
On Fri Jan 12 18:19:17 CST 2001Valorie Hunter ( :Washington
Wrote : Just checking in and looking around :-)
On Mon Jan 1 20:43:13 CST 2001 Juliana () :
Wrote : From Juliana, Chinese lady: Will all you dear people send your angels to my deceased niece Goh Boon Hwee, wherever she is now. . . . . .She was the flight attendant who perished in the Singapore Airlines crash Oct.31 at Taipei airport. . . . . . Thank you, Juliana, her Chinese auntie.

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