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On Sat Nov 27 12:13:31 EST 2004Desiree Sequeira ( :CenturionPretoria
Wrote : Thank you for a wonderful site and affirmations. My favourite is "The words you speak or think create your life"
On Thu Nov 18 12:43:56 EST 2004 ( :Cork-
Wrote : Good to be here. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource.
On Tue Nov 16 04:07:44 EST 2004cartoons ( :
Wrote : Nice website. Very helpful.
On Wed Oct 27 19:04:48 EDT 2004Hazel Cossey ( :TaurangaNorth
Wrote : Dear Reverend Cassandra iwould like to congratulate you on having a beautiful site for me to visit. I get such peace joy and serenity and feel so relaxed and comfortable and so very safe there is so much tranquillity when i visit your site especially when i am learning about the Angels .It is a pleasure and an honour to sign your Guest Book ,May the angels be always at your side , Thank you and God Bless you Cassandra Love and light Hazel P.s.I have entered this site as one of my favourites .
On Fri Oct 15 14:51:45 EDT 2004Kerry Knight ( :Hampshire
Wrote : this is such a cool site its very calming im deffinately gonna come backon here to look at it. luv kerry x
On Sun Sep 26 07:17:10 EDT 2004sophia van ( :hulstzdk
Wrote : Thank you for sharing the Lhasa Apso story best regards Sophia
On Fri Sep 24 23:47:22 EDT 2004Recruiter ( :NY
Wrote : Hello, I just stopped in for a visit at your website and I think it is lovely!!
On Thu Sep 23 06:39:45 EDT 2004becca perks ( :stokestaffs
Wrote : very good im religious we love u jesus
On Wed Sep 22 09:06:35 EDT 2004Ngaire Tahata ( :JamVictoria
Wrote : excellent site and most informative. thank you for being on the www
On Wed Sep 1 07:28:14 EDT 2004subuhi mustufa (buee_d@redif) :delhidelhi
Wrote : must say it is wonderful n a beautiful site, keep up the GOOD work
On Wed Sep 1 06:30:26 EDT 2004subuhi mustufa (buee_d@redif) :delhidelhi
Wrote : it is a good site
On Mon Aug 23 13:02:32 EDT 2004Julie Burt ( :FresnoCA
Wrote : I came upon your website in my search for some kind peace, or comfort, I am not sure wich. My 19 year old son was killed in a car accident. He died on May 3, 2004. Your website is really wonderful. Thanks for all the wonderful information. Sincerely, Julie.
On Tue Aug 10 00:28:52 CDT 2004Sean Kazmierczak ( :WoodburyMinnesota
Wrote : You are a graceful and kind lady. No wonder that the Angels of the Host like you so much. Uriel is my mentor.
On Sun Aug 8 20:53:12 CDT 2004Lynda Appell ( :PA
Wrote : Your site is very interesting, informative, peaceful. Two requests. May I please add your site in the complementary health section of my site and may I please include your Chakras graphic on the same page. Promise to include your url // within the link. Promising not to add graphic unless I get your permission. Thank you Namaste Lynda
On Fri Aug 6 14:10:06 CDT 2004Miracle () :Kentucky
Wrote : I like your website very much. Thank you. I wish you well.
On Fri Jul 30 16:57:05 CDT 2004Kabirul Kazi ( :SchaumburgIL
Wrote : Hello. Well you have a nice site. You are on the right path. Anyway I will be coming back soon(but don't know how sonn) to reconnect to my guides. Have a nice spirtual journey. Mahi
On Wed Jul 28 09:55:18 CDT 2004Will () :
Wrote : I enjoyed the visit-good stuff.
On Tue Jul 27 21:48:58 CDT 2004LILY HYM ( :ChristchurchCanterbury
Wrote : Wonderful website - uplifting and full of excellent vibrations!
On Thu Jul 22 18:50:20 CDT 2004michael smith ( :birminghamuk
Wrote : I really like your site
On Fri Jul 16 20:38:12 CDT 2004Grand Webmaestro () :MiamiFlorida
Wrote : Very nice and useful website!!! :)
On Thu Jul 15 14:38:26 CDT 2004Claudia van ( :ReuverLi
Wrote : Great and very usefull website. Greetings, Claudia
On Tue Jul 13 12:30:23 CDT 2004Ebony Blackwelle ( :CamdentonMO
Wrote : Ilove your site.This is the first time I've visited, and the affirmations really helped me. Thank you so much!
On Mon Jul 12 22:33:17 CDT 2004E Sherman ( :DenverCO
Wrote : Very nice site....I wish you well in all your travels!
On Fri Jul 9 07:50:08 CDT 2004maga olu ( :lomeNew Zealand
Wrote : i love the site guys
On Thu Jul 1 20:48:56 CDT 2004Peter () :Christchurch
Wrote : Hi Was just browsing and came across your site. Nice work. I found the information to be very helpful. Peter
On Wed Jun 9 14:30:48 CDT 2004Monica Bonner ( :cincinnatioh
Wrote : I love your freebies page! it contains a lot of interesting, fun and actually insightful information. I wasn't expecting the insightful part at all! So there's another lesson learned...don't form opinions until you've been there. Thanks!
On Wed Jun 9 12:52:52 CDT 2004Cathy Gersalia ( :SacramentoCalifornia
Wrote : This is a very beautiful site. Thank you so much for having it. I look forward to exploring, bit by bit. I have gotten away from my metaphysical side and feel that it is time to reconnect. Thanks so much.
On Wed Jun 9 08:00:29 CDT 2004jennifer ( :seymourindiana
Wrote : This is a beautiful site.
On Tue Jun 8 06:48:37 CDT 2004Paula Loeper ( :MontPa
Wrote : Thank You and God Bless! Love Paula
On Tue Jun 1 22:13:01 CDT 2004Will Harper ( :UnityVirginia
Wrote : Very nice web site. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource. If you ever visit the Virginia or North Carolina Beaches, please visit our Unity Renaissance Church. Our web site at has directions and details. We are located in the Southside Tidewater region at the juncture of the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, VA. We are, however, within easy driving distance of all of Tidewater, from Newport News and Hampton to Suffolk and Portsmouth. Blessings - Will
On Tue Jun 1 16:16:13 CDT 2004Rick ( :Chicago
Wrote : I'm not sure how exactly I got to you're site , but I like its design
On Tue Jun 1 03:06:31 CDT 2004Storm Nebula ( :
Wrote : You have a great site
On Mon May 31 05:24:48 CDT 2004Diana ( :
Wrote : Hi There, You have a wonderful site here Hugs Diana
On Sat May 29 05:25:38 CDT 2004silvia grimm () :
Wrote : hello,wonderful website,best wishes from germany,silvia,bernd and poodles.
On Wed May 26 15:34:10 CDT 2004Katie Tucker ( :SanCA
Wrote : i love this site- i use it all the time - thanks
On Thu May 20 00:21:18 CDT 2004Donald Muller (my_Machonon) :DeptfordNJ
Wrote : I was just in the neighborhood checking in on my neighbors. I guess I was sort a lead here... Since the door was open I couldn't resist a look see. he he he You have a warm and friendly place, keep up the good work... Guess I'll be back to pay another visit in time. ... ... . shalom Don
On Thu May 13 05:47:59 CDT 2004carol jones ( :newny
Wrote : I have seen your web site and it is very well made. I enjoyed spending time in your site as it is very informative and easy to navigate also.
On Tue May 11 23:52:00 CDT 2004Sean Kazmiercak ( :Woodburymn
Wrote : I just wanted to thankyou so much for helping me through my sorrow of losing my Grandma. I did light a candle for you at the Cathedral of St.Paul. May the Angles uplift you. -Love, Sean
On Tue May 11 07:30:30 CDT 2004UZOAGBA UBA ( :AKABO.IMO
On Mon May 10 23:37:19 CDT 2004Angel ( :Simply
Wrote : Hello, I think you have a very beautiful site and I have enjoyed my visit at your home.
On Mon May 10 15:42:59 CDT 2004ramz ( :
Wrote : nice site keep it on ;)
On Sun May 9 22:37:42 CDT 2004Erica ( :Indiana
Wrote : What a lovely and very informative site you have. Easy to follow and read. Thanks for the great infomation.
On Tue May 4 10:49:10 CDT 2004Randy Dyck ( :KelownaBC
Wrote : It is a great information site. I am looking to find a good psychic in Canada preferrably in the Okanagan. tks Randy
On Sat May 1 07:19:07 CDT 2004J S () :
Wrote : Nice site! I like it!
On Thu Apr 29 07:51:13 CDT 2004Rick ( :
Wrote : hello!!! I'm not sure how exactly I got to you're site, but I find it very interesting, great site!!! Keep up the good work.
On Wed Apr 28 22:16:20 CDT 2004Nick ben ( :missoualne
Wrote : Love your site. Very good site . keep it up. thanks
On Wed Apr 28 18:23:42 CDT 2004Brenda McCann ( :WinchesterID
Wrote : M A H ~ G i i ~ K A H ~ O U I OUR RELATIONSHIP SPEAKING "Before the worlds were ~ we are"
On Mon Apr 26 15:24:20 CDT 2004Karen Cummings ( :NorwoodOntario
Wrote : Creators Blessings; What a beautiful website and a honor to have visited it. Ty. May you walk and awake with the angels)
On Mon Apr 26 11:43:56 CDT 2004Owerri Asaba ( :abaMgbidi
Wrote : I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up
On Wed Apr 14 13:25:45 CDT 2004dawn mitchell ( :
Wrote : What a wonderfully positive web page. I am trully blessed by the angels to have stumbled upon it. Thanks for guiding me! Loads of wonderful affirmations i can use with people that come to my practise. Thank you so much for the guidance. I am very grateful.
On Wed Apr 7 12:19:33 CDT 2004Susan ( :
Wrote : I enjoyed my visit to your home, and I will return again very soon. Please come over and visit my home and apply for one of my awards while you are there. May God Bless You Always! Susan
On Sat Apr 3 08:01:33 CST 2004Glenys Betts ( :Nottingham
Wrote : A very pleasant website to visit and easy to navigate Love and Light Glenys
On Fri Apr 2 03:05:51 CST 2004marion briggs ( :New
Wrote : I dont usually sign guestbooks, but I have made an exception for your site. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be full of good information. In fact it just felt so good. I will definitely be back to visit again. Congratulations on a wonderful positive site. I send you love.
On Sat Mar 27 23:02:30 CST 2004Carey Yepes ( :WestFlorida
Wrote : Thank God.I'm so happy for this beautiful website. Please PRAY FOR ME For all my needs. God bless you. Carey.
On Wed Mar 24 12:44:06 CST 2004Bernd Schloof ( :BerlinBerlin
Wrote : This site is very interesting and informativ, thanx and go on like this.
On Mon Mar 22 11:32:16 CST 2004REV.DR. ROMAN ( :yonkers,n.ynew
Wrote : salutation oh great spirit! dear beloved, it is indeed a great blessing to tune into this great energies paradigm...thx u again for your efforts to empower all human kind! love, jose luis
On Wed Mar 17 00:20:18 CST 2004J Thomas ( :OrlandoFL
Wrote : Great Website! Very informative...
On Fri Mar 12 03:24:19 CST 2004anne wermer ( :berlin
Wrote : Hello, a really interesting experience to visit your website. For sure i will come back soon. greets to all !
On Wed Mar 10 04:44:19 CST 2004Linda Niederhofer ( :HuntsvilleTexas
Wrote : Your website is beautiful. Please pray for my friend Mary Ellen. She is having family problems and has a difficult time letting go and letting God. I am sending her your website via email. Thank you for your testimony. God Bless.
On Fri Mar 5 23:54:01 CST 2004jay r ( :
Wrote : god bless, nice site
On Fri Mar 5 09:38:54 CST 2004Kalli F ( :
Wrote : I love your site! I am so glad that there are some good sites with God and Jeus in them! Not the yucky stuff that my parents hate and I do too! Thanks
On Thu Mar 4 06:00:10 CST 2004Noonie Pascal ( :Dortmund
Wrote : really good work. i find your page very interesting and will sure visit you again. go on like this.
On Wed Mar 3 11:02:45 CST 2004andy veron ( :hackensack
Wrote : great site.keep it up
On Tue Mar 2 05:44:59 CST 2004Abbee ( :Adelaide
Wrote : Thankyou so much for having such a brilliant page. I love the bells and all the music on your pages. You have so much valuable information on chakra's etc. that I am just learning.
On Mon Mar 1 09:04:18 CST 2004Nick ( :UKUK
Wrote : Very nice site.
On Sun Feb 29 22:32:32 CST 2004Teresa ( :BC
Wrote : Thank you for everything you bring and share on the WWW, blessings to you and yours
On Tue Feb 24 17:39:44 CST 2004Spiritual Being ( :LAURELDE
Wrote : I think you have a great site.
On Sun Feb 22 12:07:11 CST 2004Fabien Michel ( :Morbihan
Wrote : Your love site is great :o) I falled in love. Seriously, good job, i ll be back soon
On Thu Feb 19 14:45:05 CST 2004Karl Roloffsen ( :Frankfurt
Wrote : Good website! Go on like this, I come back soon. Greetz, Karl
On Sat Feb 14 16:13:52 CST 2004Rachael ( :birminghamalabama
Wrote : Great Work!
On Wed Jan 28 08:10:42 CST 2004Guido ten ( :Egmond-BinnenNoord
Wrote : Thanks for the opportunity to view this site. In Love and its Light to the Self, Guido F. A. P. ten Berge Ilse C. Nijssen
On Thu Jan 22 05:28:27 CST 2004Felix Bongers ( :Aberfoyle-ParkSA
Wrote : You have the most incredible site I have encountered in ages, if ever! You are terrific at this and very creative, indeed! I am wonderfully impressed and have bookmarked your site so I can finish my tour later on. I loved and enjoyed your site, and strive to improve my own skills with my websites so that I may actually impress you one day! Good for you! I think I will apply for your award after all; however, I am going to come back and have an other look. Well, anyway, I am thoroughly impressed and would love to tell my friends to check out a genuine site!.To the whole world you may be one person. To one person you may be the whole world! Here's more power to you and May the Good Lord's love be with you always with a smile, in happyness and health. Take great care of yourself! What wonderful talent! Sincerely,Felix
On Mon Jan 19 13:46:30 CST 2004Denise Turney ( :PhiladelphiaPA
Wrote : I had fun visiting your website. I tried the Psychic test and scored above average. I also checked out some of the other pages. Best wishes for a GREAT 2004!
On Fri Jan 16 03:31:46 CST 2004zoe ( :nyny
Wrote : Wonderful! I visited your site by accident and was thrilled by your content, site presentation of all the links.
On Thu Jan 15 07:40:00 CST 2004Janice Eakle ( :GreenwoodIN
Wrote : ~~Greetings & how wonderful to be you~~ I so much enjoyed my visit, you touched my heart in many ways with your pure honesty, your beauty for devine love, and sharing your gift w/the world. My mother was blessed, and gifted. I lost her at a young age, and I am learning that I have some of the same blessings. Thank you for opening my eyes more to realize this real. ~~~Many blessings
On Fri Jan 9 22:54:11 CST 2004Luke S. () :IA
Wrote : God bless this site.
On Wed Jan 7 21:42:57 CST 2004Lillian ( :Mn
Wrote : I too was raised Catholic and still am but think so much like you do. that the church is full of man made rules. it really made my day to see someone else thinks it isn't really a sin to miss Mass. That God love us anyway as long as we follow His Rules. Love you site Bless you
On Sun Jan 4 08:58:26 CST 2004john brown ( :kingston.upon.hull
Wrote : what can i say but thank you.

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