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I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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it is my pleasure to serve you.

Spells & Rituals
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

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- What are spells and rituals?

- What are your gifts?

- Do you use magic in your spells?

- What is the success rate of your spells?

- Does everyone get results in the same length of time?

- If I have you perform a love spell is there anything I need to do?

- What is the difference between soul mates and twin flames?

- Does it matter if this person & I are not soul mates?

- Does it matter if this person & I are not twin flames?

- Can a love spell be performed for a gay or lesbian relationship?

- Since we have never met face-to-face how can you perform a spell for me?

- Is it possible one of your spells could backfire on me causing me problems, harm, or bad karma?

- What spells or rituals are mostly requested?

- What makes your spells better than others?

- Are there any kinds of spells you won't perform?

- I had a spell done, but it didn't work well at all. The psychic said it was more difficult than she thought and wanted a lot more money to make it work. Does that make sense and should I have paid her more?

- A psychic got upset with me when I said I didn't want to work with her any longer. She said she was going to reverse the work she had already done for me. Can she do that?

- Can I have my chakras cleansed AND balanced every 2 to 3 months without adverse affects? (Please refer to Spells testimonials page for date of June 10, 2004

- Can I change from one spell to another spell after I have ordered?

- Can I cancel a spell I ordered?

- Aren't you going against God by performing spells?

- Is it safe to use my Credit Card online?

- What if I don't have a credit card?

- Is there a list to make sure a person is a true psychic or spell caster? (this question will take you my psychic readings faq page. To continue on this page you can hit the back button or arrow when you are ready.)

- How do I find a good psychic? (this question also takes you my psychic readings faq page. Within the answer is info on how to find out if a site is reputable; be they psychic, a doctor, or any type of site.)

divider What are spells and rituals?

Since I work with the "White Light" of the Universe I shall answer from this side only. There are those who use this same kind of answer when using the "Dark Arts" (I consider the dark side to be anything that hurts, harms, maims, kills, or manipulates another living being).

A spell &/or ritual is a formula that may involve spoken, written, or chanted words, symbolic enactments (prayers), candle burning, ritual baths, incense burning, the use of powders, gemstones, crystals, salts, herbs, or dusts (such as gold, silver, or diamonds or other precious stones) and/or the manufacture and deployment of charms, amulets, statuary, or talismans.

The intention varies. They include drawing to or wish-fulfillment in regard to love, money, and good fortune. Apotropaic psychics or spell casters use banishing, driving-away, or breaking spells to rid a person of unwanted influences; such as jinxing, crossing, negativity, evil or curses. Binding spells are used to keep someone's magic from affecting you or others, and I use "summoning" spells to call the angels, saints, masters, & spirit guides.


divider What are your gifts?

To me the most precious gift I have is my ability to communicate with the angels. They have always guided me in every aspect of my life.....if I listen. (Once in awhile, in my personal life only, I allow my ego to think it knows better than the angels do. How foolish is that? Because I know those are the times I will fall flat on my face). The angels guide every ritual or spell that I perform. Thus each person achieves their highest good and I listen to the angels intently because it is your life I am dealing with not mine; so definitely not a time when I would allow my ego to think it knows more than the angels. ;-)

Another of my gifts is being a natural psychic since birth or probably conception; it is hereditary. I come from generations of both men and women who are very much in tune with the psychic realm. One side of my heritage is Celtic and the other is French; both infamous for paranormal abilities. I could tell you some stories of how my parents always caught my sister and I when we did something wrong that would stun you and make you laugh at the same time. It is just amazing that we we ever tried such stunts and thought we'd get away with them. And of course my daughter had to put up with my abilities, which I am sure tried her nerves as much as my parents tried my sister's and my nerves....hahahahahahaha Though her abilities exceed mine as each generation has become more in tune and stronger.


divider Do you use magic in your spells?

Not really. I do summon the angels and they call on other angels, saints, masters, your angels and your spirit guides. Honestly, I have never even figured out how the word 'magic' became affiliated with spells and rituals in the first place; be they from the 'white light' or the 'dark arts'.

The word 'magic' is derived 'Magus' (from Latin, via Greek), which is the plural of 'Magi' (Old Persian). The Magi were a tribe from ancient Media (before Media became part of the Persian Empire in 550 BC), who were responsible for religious and funerary practices. The three Wisemen were Magi.

Later the Magi accepted the Zorastrian religion, but changed the original message of it's founder, Zarathustra (Zoroaster), which today is known as Zurvanism. Yet no traces of Zurvanism existed beyond the 10th century.

The Magus was one of the Zoroastrian astrologer priests of the Medes. In the Hellenistic period of Greece the Magus mostly appeared in the feminine of 'magical art'. In the 14th century the word came to the English language via Old French - magique; along with another Old French word - sorcerie meaning 'one who influences fate'.

Today we commonly divide 'Magic' into two categories; 'white magic', used for healing, helping, divination and other harmless purposes or 'black magic', used for malicious, harmful, deceitful, detrimental, or hurtful purposes. Now, based on that concept then if I used 'magic' it certainly would be 'white magic', but with angels it is not really necessary.


divider What is the success rate of your spells?

Since angels, masters, saints and spirit guides work with me the success rate is quite high, but I have never taken the time to figure a percentage to tell you. I just know that very very seldom does a ritual or spell NOT work the way a person wants it to work.

However, even with those times when the intention is altered it always seems that the way it does wind up working out is better than what we were going for. Example, a lady asked me to bring her boy friend back. I won't do a ritual like that because it is manipulating another human being. So I said I would do a "Find YOUR True Love Ritual"; along with a "Dream Spell" for her and if he was the right guy he would come back. The first few nights she dreamed about him, but then she felt another man present. She emailed me to tell me what was happening and I told her to just see where it took her. By time I finished performing the ritual and the spell she was rather confused about her love life. I told her if she had confusion it probably meant that either he was not the right guy or was on his journey back to her. Well, 6 weeks later she met a guy she knew from high school, who had been a great friend during school. One thing led to another and they started dating. Three years later they were married and a few months later were expecting their first child and the other guy is a thing of the past...she even said "what the heck did I see in him in the first place?". Thus the end results of the ritual and spell were far better than she expected....what she thought was a failure turned out to be a greater success.


divider Does everyone get results in the same length of time?

No. The results vary from person to person and with the various rituals and spells. The average is about 2 to 8 weeks. Though I have seen clients start getting results soon after they order a ritual or spell; even before I have had a chance to call the candle maker, let alone make the candles or being the ritual or spell. And I've results take longer. The results mostly depends on the situation, the circumstances surrounding the situation, timing (always all things are on God's timing, which is far better than our own), and the people involved.


divider If I have you perform a love spell is there anything I need to do?

Most of my love spells or rituals require you to do nothing, but keep an open heart. There are a few spells/rituals in which you are asked to do very simple things. Though they are not strenuous nor an inconvenience.


divider What is the difference between soul mates and twin flames?

Since I am a female I am going to explain this in female form, but you guys are smart enough to convert it to your gender.

Within each of us is a soul. As females our soul is predominately feminine. However, a small part of our soul is masculine. Much like the medical concept that we as women are mostly estrogen, but do have a small quantity of testosterone. Men are predominately progesterone with a small quantity of estrogen.

Still using female as an example: when we leave the body the soul divides; the part of the soul that is feminine reincarnates as a female and develops a masculine side. The part of the soul that was masculine now incarnates as a male and develops the feminine side. Thus anytime we reincarnate we are not completely the person we were before because of the soul division. From what I gathered from the angels is that God, at the beginning, made a certain number of souls to come to planet Earth. The reason the population increases is because of each of the soul's division. Therefore, in one generation 2 souls become 4; the next generation those 4 become 8, etc. When angels told me that I thought it was most fascinating and thought how smart God is in His planning. *S*

Now you know why when we meet people we feel a familiar connection with them....they may well be one of our soul mates.

However, there times that you might meet someone and they feel familiar, but it is not a comfortable feeling. That usually stems from a past life that was not so good. Example; several years ago I met a man in a class that I was taking. Every time I even looked at this man the hair on the back of my neck would stand up. Not being a person who wants to dislike someone I went to a friend of mine who also does past lives incarnations. We came to the conclusion that this man was one of my soul mates in a life where I was a task master on a slave ship. Needless to say I started crying and was extremely distraught to think in a past life that I could have been so cruel to others. My friend said that from that life is probably one of the reasons why I am so non prejudicial in this life and accept all as brothers and sisters, even when I do not approve of what I consider poor behavior.

Therefore, a soul mate is much like a house mate; you share the same soul. The first time ever that you meet a soul mate it means that you and that person are the same soul in the same body presenting yourselves as the same person.

A twin flame is someone who you have been married to in past lives. That is the person who when the two of you meet you both feel like it is 'love at first site'....or soon afterwards. Unfortunately many people think soul mate is the proper terminology, but it is twin flame.

So now you know the true meaning of 'soul mate'. Many people today feel a soul mate is someone you have been married to in previous lives and will marry in this life. That is not a soul mate; it's a 'twin flame'.


divider Does it matter if this person & I are not soul mates?

Now, that you have read the question above would you really want to marry a soul mate? I know my daughter is one of my soul mates and I certainly would NOT want to marry her.


divider Does it matter if this person & I are not twin flames?

It absolutely does matter. Never sell yourself short. You really should not want to be with anyone unless they are worthy of you and you of them. Only a twin flame can be of this type of worthiness.


divider Can a love spell be performed for a gay or lesbian relationship?

Of course it can. Love is not prejudice of sexual preference, race, creed, religion, customs, cultures, or color. It has no boundaries. It makes no demands on any person other than to be expressed for the sake of itself.

And I want to add that people are not born prejudice. They learn it only by teachings. If we were meant to be prejudice then God would never have put so many diverse people on the planet.


divider Since we have never met face-to-face how can you perform a spell for me?

Just as in my readings and healings I work with angels and spirit guides. For them there are no such things as boundaries. So it makes no difference if we are meeting face-to-face or on the other side of the planet. And after all the years I have been doing this I have the experience, the power and most importantly the angels to guide me in helping you achieve your desires.


divider Is it possible one of your spells could backfire on me causing me problems, harm, or bad karma?

Emphatically no chance. All rituals and spells are guided by the three angels I work with (Metatron, Uriel, & Yannie), masters, saints, your angels, and your spirit guides. There is no way that they, who are so close to God, would allow harm to come to you. Besides that I am so petrified of bad karma I am extremely cautious of what I do. Also, no one is being harmed in any ritual or spell I perform on your behalf.

That I know of there are only three ways that problems, harm or bad karma can backfire from a ritual or spell and they are if:
1- you are performing it yourself and have not been trained to perform rituals or spells. A couple of examples: would you know what to do or what it means if a candle changes direction in it's burning. Would you know how to relight a candle that went out in the middle of a ritual or spell? Or if it should even be lit again? This is why it is best to leave these kinds of things to professionals
2- any ritual or spell that is performed to 'bring back a love'. This is manipulating and really not nice to do to anyone. I talk about this further in the next question.
3- having a spell performed from the 'dark side' seems to always create bad things to happen to a person.


divider What spells or rituals are mostly requested?

Love Spells: the most frequently order are the Intense Rainbow Love Spell, Love Enhancement Spell, Outside Forces, & Fresh Start for Relationships.

Money Spells: the most frequently order are the Prosperity Ritual, Quick Money Spell, Success Spell, & the Grant 3 Wishes Spell,
Chakra Ritual Work: cleansing and/or balancing
and our annual spells and rituals; especially the Valentine's Day Love Spell and the New Year's Blessings Ritual


divider What makes your spells better than others?

I apologize for using improper English by answering with a question, but how many 'spell casters' do you see working with angels? I've searched the net and have seen a few, but when I went to the sites they are dark and the words don't sound like the person was assisted by angels; actually quite the contrary. And in my search site's, whose definition said they used 'Angel's Blood'. That sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. I never did go to that site....figured I read more than I wanted to know at that point.

Besides that angels are immortal and have never been human. Thus they don't have blood and never did.


divider Are there any kinds of spells you won't perform?

You bet there are.
- I will not perform any spells nor rituals that are an attempt to control another human being; such as bringing back a love or make someone love you. We ALL have 'Free Choice', which is a gift to each of us from God. And quite frankly, if you love someone you let them use theirs. Besides that, controlling another human being, not only creates some bad karma and is an absolute no-no, it offends God....and I am not about to do anything that will offend my Creator.

Furthermore, you would not want to be controlled, would you? Of course not! Let me share a potentiality with you: if you try to bring back a former love against his/her will and I helped you, then the karma would come back on both you and I, tenfold. Thus, in paying that karma we may forced by the Universe go back to a former lover or wind up will some one we detest. And I have news for you I do not want to go back to anyone that I have broken up with. Furthermore, you would always have questions in your mind of "Did this person come back to me because of love or because I put a spell on them?". That is not really anyway to live, is it? However, what I can do is a spell to make peace between the two of you. That will give the two of you a fresh start. And maybe a fresh start is what you need to begin again. If not, it leaves you both free of pain and hurt and able to move on with your life. For this spell, please go

- I also won't perform spells or rituals casting evil or curses on anyone; such as your enemies, boss, parents, teacher, former love or spouse. I won't cause two people to break-up, a revenge spell, a spell to bring nightmares to someone, a spell to destroy someone's business, or cause a couple not to be able to have children. I won't put a curse on the land or objects, nor will I affect a person's health through my work. And I won't do a spell that requires sacrificing an animal. All of these types of spells are done out of hurt or fear and are really just to feed your ego. Don't go there as it isn't worth the terrible karma you would have to pay.

- I won't do any kind of spell to win a lottery, win at a race track, a sporting event, or at the casinos. Though I have seen people win in casinos after a prosperity ritual, which has stunned me. You see most of these things are gambling and that is against God's laws for us. Remember Jesus flipped over the money changers tables when He was a youth. Money changers are bookies. Hence gamblers and that is not acceptable in God's laws.

I know there are psychics who say they can choose lottery numbers for you, but I really doubt this is true. Let's use common sense. If psychics could choose lottery numbers then why would they tell you what they are? The only winners of every lottery would be psychics. And psychics winning every single week would cause the states to go broke. So if a psychic tells you they can choose lottery numbers, or other gambling numbers don't waste your money. You see when you don't win or win just a little they will say something like 'it didn't work because you have too much negativity around you'. Why wouldn't they tell you that before you paid them? Common sense says they can't choose these things.

I come from a space of love and light for my brothers and sisters on this planet and all my rituals and spells reflect that.


divider I had a spell done, but it didn't work well at all. The psychic said it was more difficult than she thought and wanted a lot more money to make it work. Does that make sense and should I have paid her more?

Oh, you were so very wise not to pay more and I am glad you didn't. Any psychic that starts asking you for lots of money to burn candles so she/he can get rid of curses; or to get back that love or any reason, is usually full of it. (Excuse my bluntness!) I have heard of people spending thousands of dollars on candles, spells, potions, etc.

One of my clients said she was asked to pay $1,500.00 for a psychic to burn "ONE single candle". THAT'S ABSURD! In the prosperity ritual I perform I use 3 beeswax candles, each burn for 14 days, and I use 14 carat gold flakes in each and the ritual is only $195.00. So how a wax candle can cost $1,500.00 is beyond me and completely outrageous!!!

I have even heard of people being asked to pay $20,000.00 for a ritual. Then when it doesn't work the psychic says they need more money for this reason or that. Or many times they will blame the client saying 'your energy was too negative'. What a crock!

There is absolutely no reason what so ever to pay this kind of money. Most of these people are frauds and thieves. They don't care about you or what you are going through; they just want the money they can get from you. Another thing many of them will tell you not to consult with another psychic or spell caster because it will mess up what they are doing. That is a lot of garbage. If you have several groups praying for you it doesn't mean that one group's prayers will affect another group's prayers.

These so called psychics and spell casters make me sick because they are con-artist and are harming people when they really need help. Also they ruin the reputation of legitimate psychics, who sincerely want to help people. They think they are above what they are creating for themselves - BAD BAD BAD KARMA!

If a 'psychic' asks you for exorbitant fees then the opposite direction as fast and as far as you can. They are only interested in money and will take advantage of your vulnerability.

Or if they ask you to send money via Western Union again run in the opposite direction. A legitimate business takes credit cards or for those who don't have credit cards a legitimate business may take money orders, cashier checks, traveler's checks and/or personal checks. To be asked to send money via Western Union pretty much could mean they want to get their hands on your money before you change your mind. I've had clients ask if they could use Western Union and I simply tell them "send a money order because it won't cost as much as Western Union". Though I do have a few who prefer Western Union, but they have worked with me for years and know I own a legitimate business.

I perform
Spells & Rituals with candles, but the prices are no where near what people have told me they have paid. The highest ritual I perform, with several other people, is one of my annual rituals - the New Year's Blessing Ritual. It takes 14 days to perform, costs $295.00 per person and we burn 9 candles per person.....a far cry from the charlatans that ripe people off.


divider A psychic got upset with me when I said I didn't want to work with her any longer. She said she was going to reverse the work she had already done for me. Can she do that?

The answer is - highly unlikely. A true psychic, who lives spiritually, would realize she/he would be creating bad karma for themselves to reverse a spell a client paid for. Even if the 'true' psychic performed the spell as a gift they would never reverse it. Not only would they be creating bad karma for themselves, they would also know it would affect their integrity and peace of mind.

Now, a psychic, who is not a true psychic may threaten to reverse a spell, but wouldn't because:
1- These kinds of psychics are in it more for the money than helping a person. Thus if they aren't getting paid they certainly are NOT going to use their time reverse a spell. 2- To reverse a spell means a reverse spell would have to performed. That means they would have spend money to do buy the materials (candles, oils, etc.) to perform the reverse spell. Not going to happen.

Also, ask yourself "did the spell she/he originally perform for me do any good?" If it did, then tell the psychic she can reverse it, but only if they give you a full refund (if the spell worked and is reversed you will know it). If the spell didn't do any good then let them reverse, but still demand a full refund. You paid the person to do a spell and deserve what you paid for. If the psychic threatens to reversing the spell it is because their ego has gotten in the way. And with their ego in the way they owe an apology; so call them demanding for one.


divider Can I change from one spell to another spell after I have ordered?

If you do so within 24 hours. Please also read my


divider Can I cancel a spell I ordered?

The same answer to the question above applies to this question.


divider Aren't you going against God by performing spells?

Heaven's no. If that was the case then the angels would never allow me to perform a ritual or a spell; let alone guide me while performing them, if they thought I was going against God. Actually I wrote about when the angels first asked me to put spells on my site. You can read it at
Why I Perform Spells.

I was raised Catholic and Catholicism, along with many other religions, have all kinds of rituals....marriage, baptism, last rites, etc.

And as far as, the devil he can kiss the backside of hell as far as I'm concerned. There is just no room in my life to let him in and I wouldn't want to anyway. Easy to choose between angels and him.


divider Is it safe to use my Credit Card online?

Absolutely. All your personal information is encrypted as it travels to our merchant account. Once your credit card company has been notified of the pending charge your card number is destroyed; except the last four digits. This is to ensure possible future communication between my merchant account and your credit card company....though this rarely happens.

Here is some information that will assist you with online purchases. When you are on the page that asks for your credit card info look at what is commonly called 'the location bar'; the place towards the top of your browser window that shows the web site's address (URL - Uniform Resource Locator). Example, from this page you see something like The most important part you are looking for is within the http://. If it has https:// (note the letter 's') that means it is an extremely secure site that encrypts your credit card information. However, do know that if it has http:// then using your credit card on that site is the same as using it in a restaurant, dept. store, etc. Somewhat safe, but not secure enough to encrypt your credit card info.


divider What if I don't have a credit card?

Most ATM Debit cards can be used the same way as a credit card. If yours does not have that capability then you can send a money order or cashier's check. Or you can contact my administrator,
MariaSuzonne, and the two of you can figure something out that works for you.

animated heart sending you love
I send you love.

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