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I am Rev. Cassandra Anaya
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Psychic Intuitive Counselor,
Spell and Ritual Caster
I have been online since 1993 and
it is my pleasure to serve you.

Psychic Readings
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

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For Rituals and Spells FAQs, please click here.
- What is the most common question you are asked?

- Why do you charge for a gift from God?

- Do you give readings at fairs, festivals or private parties?

- What is a Psychic? a Medium? a Clairvoyant?

- How can you give me a reading over the phone or internet?

- Is there any special preparation I should do for my reading?

- What if there are things that I would rather not talk about?

- What are some of the benefits of having a psychic reading?

- What questions do people usually ask a psychic?

- What questions I will not answer.

- How do I find a good psychic?

- How can I tell if a psychic is a "true psychic"?

- What can I expect in a reading?

- Would it be a problem if I seek help from a different psychic?

- Is there something wrong with me because a psychic couldn't read for me?

- Why are psychics giving me conflicting answers?

- How do you do a readings?

- If I decide to have a reading can my family be there, also?

- Why can't psychics read for themselves?

- What are your fees for a psychic reading?

- When will I receive my reading?

- What are your work hours?

- Is there a list to make sure a person is a true psychic or spell caster?

- I am interested in your spells and rituals also. How do I find out about them?

- Can I change my reading to another kind of reading or to a spell after I have ordered?

- Can I cancel my order?

- Is it safe to use my Credit Card online?

- What if I don't have a credit card?

- What is the difference between soul mates and twin flames?

(this question will take you my spells and rituals faq page. To continue on this page you can hit the back button after you finish reading.


What is most common question you are asked is?

Whether in public or on the phone once a person finds out I am a psychic then instinctively ask "What can you tell me about me?" or "What do you see in my future?" or a specific question regarding their life. I have to say it is a little irritating, but I also understand the psychologically reasoning in their asking. They are curious about their lives and they are fascinated by what I do. I simply tell them the truth "When I am in public (doing personal business on the phone) I keep myself closed. If I didn't I'd pick up everybody's every thing, which can be draining and exhausting. I explain that even too much joy is exhausting; think about this - we've all been to a party where we had a lot of fun. Then when we get home all we want to do is sleep. This happens even at a party when we weren't drinking.

Fortunately most people are very understanding. So I offer them my card and a discount on any service with the exception of the numerology reports. (See the special offers regarding this).


"Why do you charge for a gift from God?"

EVERY occupation is a gift from God. Thus EVERY HUMAN deserves to be compensated for their occupation. Whether we are a doctor, teacher, secretary, grocer or street cleaner, they are all gifts from God. Without Him giving each of us special talents/gifts we would not survive.


Do you give readings at fairs, festivals or private parties?

The answer is no. At these types of events the psychics generally do 5 to 10 minute mini readings or 1 question readings. Using 5 minute reading that is 12 readings per hour without time to catch their breath. Thus the psychic is exhausted and that means their readings may not be as good. I've been to fairs and festival, as a consumer (I like to go early when all is fresh; including the day). While walking around I see the psychics and people stand in line for a reading. After I spend time watching the entertainment, buying this or that and eating I leave. As I am leaving I again see the psychics and many look like they could use a pillow, a blanket and a quiet place to sleep. Even the other merchants and entertainers look exhausted. I can only imagine how they feel at the end of the day. Bottom line I don't do fairs, festivals, or private parties because I choose not to put so much pressure on myself to have to do back to back readings. And to those psychics that can do fairs, etc. I commend you.

Before I give any kind reading I spend 20 to 30 minutes in meditation to make sure I am clear. If I am not then I don't give you the best reading I possibly can. I always use the example of "If I didn't clear myself I may take something from a previous client into the reading of my next client. I jokingly say "If I read for a pregnant female and don't clear myself then I may tell my next client he's pregnant". Of course this has never happened and won't.

I have my office in my home for three reasons:
- lower overhead means the cost of my services stay lower
- lower overhead means I can donate more to charities and
- it is far more quiet, peaceful, and private


What is a Psychic? a Medium? a Clairvoyant?

Webster's definition of psychic: Pertaining to the psyche (of the mind) beyond known physical processes. Apparently sensitive to forces beyond the physical world.
The word psychic is derived from the Greek word psyche, which means "breath of life" in pertaining to the soul or spirit. A true psychic (one who is clairvoyant, clairaudio, clairsentient, clairessense, &/or a channeler) is also referred to as a "sensitive" or "medium."

A sensitive attunes to the vibrational energies of all living things. This vibration is best understood as electrical impulses. Much like coming into your home in the evening, you turn on the light switch. When you do this the lights come on. You do not see the electrical impulse connection that the switch is receiving from the power source - the electric company. Yet, you do "SEE" the result of that connection because the lights are on.

A medium generally refers to a psychic who communicates with those who have passed from the physical world. If you have a family member, friend, or pet who has died the medium can communicate with them for you. However, this is only if the being on the other side is receptive to communication. For example if a person recently died they may not be available for communication as they are in a transitional state. You may also want to refer to an article I wrote:
What is a Psychic?

The word Clairvoyant comes from the French for Clear Seeing. It seems in today's world the word Clairvoyant is often use to describe someone with psychic abilities because they can "clearly see" things most people cannot, including the past, present and future. Also, the word 'clairvoyant' is used in lieu of clairaudio ("clear hearing" is intuitively hearing that which is not audio), clairsentient ("clear feeling", also called "Empathic", intuitively feels people and/or things) Clairessence ("clear smelling" is intuitively smelling that which is not present) and Channeler (moves themselves out of the way and allows others, such as the angels, to speak or act through them).


How can you give me a reading over the phone or internet?

I channel 3 angels and to angels there are no boundaries such as phones, time zones, or countries. As for any good psychic, we do not need to be sitting across from you to give you an accurate and detailed psychic reading. The entire Universe is inter-connected, we psychics have learned to pick up an individual's vibrations and tune in to the energy which is emitted. I will tap into this energy, pick up a feeling; see a vision or hear words to help guide you in the direction that is most beneficial for you.


Is there any special preparation I should do for my reading?

For a phone, chatroom, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ or in person reading: the only thing you'll need to do is relax. It may also prove beneficial to take a few quiet moments to really think about what areas of your life you wish to focus. The only thing I will need to know is your name and date of birth.

For an email reading: you need do nothing. It is for me to pick up on your energy no matter what your are doing nor where you are.


What if there are things that I would rather not talk about?

I am just like you in regards to certain things I do not want known in a reading. My goal is to give you the best psychic reading so that you can improve your life and be aware of coming changes. If there is anything you would rather not discuss, simply mention it to me and we won't go there.


What are some of the benefits of having a psychic reading?

The main benefit is that you learn if you are on the right path or need to make some minor or major changes. You will be able to know if there are any stumbling blocks on your path. Common sense tells you that if you know what is in store for the future you can be better prepared to handle it. There is also a feeling of increased self-esteem, well-being and a sense of feeling more peaceful on your life's path. I have many people tell me after a reading that they feel safe, relaxed and a lot less worried.


What questions do people usually ask a psychic?

The most popular questions are things about relationships, career or personal well-being.

Relationship: "Am I in the right relationship?", "Do you see a marriage?", "Is my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend cheating?", "Is it a boy or a girl?", "When will I meet my true love?"

Career: "Will I have more money in the future?", "What direction is my career headed?", "Will I get the job that I just interviewed for?", "What is the best days for me to ask for a raise?

Personal: "Is there happiness in my future?", "Will I ever feel contentment within myself?", "Will my life EVER change?", "Will I ever feel totally secure?", "Will I ever stop being so worried about everything?"

I think my favorite question comes when I have just told someone something that surprises them and they ask, "How did you know that?". Then they realize they are talking to a psychic and we both chuckle. This is a most precious question. ;-)


What questions I will not answer.

There are four topics of questions I do not answer.

1) Legally I can not answer any health questions. I am not a medical doctor. For health questions, consult your physician. However, once a diagnosis has been given I can assist you with a
Spiritual Healing.

2) Please, do not ask me to communicate with a loved one who has passed. I won't do it. When people transcend, we say RIP (Rest in Peace). Please, let them do exactly that. If they want to communicate with you, they will & you WILL know it.
However, occasionally during a reading someone who has passed will communicate and I pass on to you that communication. Though this rarely happens. As I said most times they will communicate directly with you and you will know it.

3) Please do not ask me when you are going to die. That is a personal private contract between you and God that was made prior to your birth. Besides that; too many people, who know when they are going to die, begin to act rather foolishly. The knowing of one's own death usually makes people respond in bizarre ways; such as trying to cram an entire life into a short period, going into such a depression that they seem to be dead already, though still breathing, or going on such a spending spree that they do not think about the debts they will leave on the shoulders of family members. I feel that a contract between you and God should remain between the two of you, only.

4) I will not choose lottery numbers for you. NO PSYCHIC CAN DO THAT! So do not be fooled by those who say they can. If they could, then all lotteries would probably cease because people would stop buying tickets. Think about it: if psychics were the only winners of lotteries would you continue buying tickets? Of course not.


How do I find a good psychic?

I believe personal recommendations are the best way. Whether I am looking for a good Doctor, Dentist, mechanic or other service I ask friends and/or relatives. Read testimonials. If the site is one page I think I'd be concerned. How long they have been in business?

If a psychic has a website it is always a good idea to know how long they have been in business. So I suggest you go to the main US database for all domain names at
Network Solutions. This link is directly to their "WHOIS". Look for the date the site was created and when it expires.
For example here is the WHOIS for my site circle-of-light.com. If you scroll down you will see:
Record expires on 05-Sep-2023
Record created on 06-Sep-1996

The address and phone number are actually "Network Solutions" as I paid extra to have a privacy listing to protect against spammers. The email address listed is my email address, via Network Solutions. (Robots were being sent in to gather domain owners' info and then spamming us. Network Solutions started offering the privacy listing and I chose to use it.

If you can't find a site on networksolutions.com then it may be in a different country. You can do a 'whois' search for that particular country. The last letters of a domain name indicates the country. Examples: uk = United Kingdom, de = Germany, cl = Chlie, etc. If you don't know the country then check this list of Countries' Domain Extensions , which is alphabetized by the extension. And this site, Domains by Country, is alphabetized by the country.

NOTE: The reason I am suggesting to check a domain name's history is because many fraudulent people will buy domain names for 1 yr, scam people, let the domain name expire and buy more. BTW, this doesn't pertain to psychics only. It is just a good idea to make sure any place you are going to make a purchase online is an established, reputable business. Checking their history is a good place to begin.

Another thing: sometimes a site can be on the net for years, but the owner has changed. To insure the owner is the original own you may want to check the Wayback Machine. This is an organization run by places such at the US Library of Congress. They archive every domain name starting a few months after its creation (it takes awhile for their robot to archive it. Example - my domain was created Sept 6, 1996 and they first archived it Dec. 21, 1996.. Also, it is fun to see the changes that have been made on sites. For example my site http://circle-of-light.com. It amazes me how my site has grown and the changes I've made throughout the years.

My intention with this is information to help you stay safe on the internet and not have people steal from you.


How can I tell if a psychic is a "true psychic"?

"True Psychics", sensitives, mediums, or readers should be informing you. If I ask any question of a you it is only for confirmation on the information that I have already given you. I have written an article that will explain it more. It is called
What is a Psychic?. Also use the link in the next question for further information to help you choose the best psychic for you.

What can I expect in a reading?

A reading will give you the clarity that you are looking for; will help you to understand what it is that you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so that you can be empowered with the ability to choose your actions better.

Also, I wrote and article that will help you better understand the answer to this question. To read it click on the name of the: article
What Is A Quality Psychic Reading? I will also answer the question of "How do I tell if a psychic is a true psychic"?


Would it be a problem if I seek help from a different psychic?
I've been going to a psychic for awhile (5 months) to help me with some emotional distress, but I don't feel any different; maybe even worse. If I go to another psychic I don't want any backlash to harm me or my family.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you seeking help and/or confirmation for another psychic or even changing psychics. I was raised by doctors and always taught to get a 2nd opinion. If I go to a doctor and don't feel like I am getting results I look for a new doctor to give me hers/his opinion. Same thing applies with psychics. Sometimes I have found that a second psychic called into the situation actually compliments the first psychic's work by enhancing it.

Of course there are also those times when the first psychic was one of those that I talked about in the question above this one. If they charged you a lot of money I wouldn't pay it. But if you do and you feel no different then it may be quite possible that they really did nothing; just took your money. If that be the situation, which is impossible to tell, other than you not feeling different, then you are wise to seek another psychic. And don't worry about any backlash or them putting a curse on you or your family because these people wouldn't know how or they won't spend the time or money to do so. They just know how to take money.

Then there two other types of psychics; the ones who are extremely new at what they are doing and the ones who really don't know what they were doing:
The ones who are extremely new to their gift -
Now, I am not saying not to go to a psychic who is new because some are just as good as those who have been practicing for a long time. But what I am saying is first of all ask about their fees (if they are too high then don't do it). If their fees are reasonable then give them a try. You may be glad you did. If you are not satisfied then seek another psychic.

The ones who don't really know what they are doing -
It's very difficult, if not impossible, to tell if these people know what they are doing until after they have given you a service. If they didn't give you a good reading then you can ask them for recommendations from other clients. Though don't be put off if they won't give them. Also, you could ask your friends if they know anyone. A referral by a friend is a good thing because they have used the psychic and know if they are good or not. And if they've gone to the psychic several times that is even better.

Recommendations, searches and reviews:
I don't give my clients info out for recommendations as I am adamant about protecting my clients' confidentiality. If doesn't give other clients' info to you then do a search of their reviews. If you can't find any and they've been on the net awhile that is a good sign. Not everyone gives reviews. Though many are quick to give bad reviews. And do remember there are those people, who just have to complain about everything. So use your common sense and gut feelings to weed out those 'cronic' complainer's reviews. Before I give a bad review on a company I talked to them. If they are jerks then I'd give a bad review or not wasted any more of y time, but if they are willing to rectify a matter then I may give a review on both my experience with them. I have several pages of testimonials as recommendations for my readings, spells and angel connections and that helps people a lot + I've been on the net since April 4, 1993; if I was bad at what I do I wouldn't still be here.


Is there something wrong with me because a psychic couldn't read for me?
I called a psychic and she wasn't able to pick up anything. She didn't charge me, but I'm concerned because of it.

No, there is nothing wrong with you. Most psychics have experienced this at least once in their career. It has nothing to do with you. It is just that sometimes we can not tune in on a person; or we are having a 'bad hair day'. You might want to ask her if she is having a bad day. If so, then try to get a reading from her another day. If she is just not able to tune in on you then ask her if she can refer you to another psychic. Also, be grateful that she is an honest psychic with integrity and returned your money. The fact that she did not charge you is a sign of a reputable psychic.


Why are psychics giving me conflicting answers?

This could be due to many things:
1- The person is not a true psychic
2- The person may be leading you down a path to spend big bucks for a spell (if they charge hundreds of dollars then question their underlaying motive. (a new client told me she tried spells to bring her husband back. The psychic/spell caster charged her $500.00. When no results occurred she was told more work was needed and the new fee was $2700.00. That is ridiculous!!! Fortunately that is when the client became suspicious and started looking elsewhere. PS I don't do spells to manipulate another. This woman has let go of her husband, who cheated on her numerous times, and has now married a wonderful man.)
3- Our future has many different paths. Your words, thoughts and actions determines which path you take, which is actually good. Each person has a gift from God of 'free will' meaning free choice. It means you make things happen; you choose your own path. If you are getting conflicting answers it may be because you haven't decided which path to take. Example, you want a love back in your life. Some psychics say it will happen and others say no. Since this love is no longer in your life you obviously been hurt by this person. So there is doubt that you really want them back in your life. However, this is good because it means you are contemplating which answer it is of truth for you and take action in the direction that is to your highest good. Being hurt by someone begins to break down trust and trust is a major ingredient in love. Thus maybe your heart is saying yes, but your head is saying no. Conflicting yes and no on a potential job at a specific company could mean there is something about the company that your subconscious doesn't trust.
4- You may be asking the question in a different way. Let's say you want to know if you are getting a job at, let's say 'company A'. You call a psychic one day feeling like this job is for you and the psychic says yes, but the next day you call another psychic. This time you may be thinking you want a job that is even better, but would settle for a job at 'company A'. So you ask about 'company A'. This time the psychic says 'no'. When you would have been better off asking "will I get the job at 'company A' and like it or should I look for another company?"
6- The psychic doesn't have an answer, but tells you what she/he thinks you want to hear. This of course is most unethical. If I don't have an answer or the angels don't give me an answer I just tell you the truth .
7- You may not like what the first psychic said so you went to a second, who said the opposite. Then you decided to go to a third for the best 2 out of 3 and that person said the same thing as the first psychic. Then you just kept going. If you can't accept the first answer then yes get a second opinion (as the daughter of 2 doctors I am very in favor of second opinions). If the second opinion is conflicting of the first try a third, but don't go beyond that.....even if the results are not what you want to hear. Be careful about becoming a 'psychic junkie'.


How do you do a readings?

Whether I am giving a 30 minute reading or an hour reading, the first thing I do is set aside your requested time for the reading and additional time prior to your actual reading. I spend 20 to 30 minutes in meditation to clear myself of the energy of a pervious reading or from any their energy or my own. This is to give you the clearest reading I can. After meditation I ask God and the angels I channel to give me guidance in the readings that I am about to do and to keep me focused. Then I am ready to do your actual reading. By 'focused' I mean that I pick up whatever situation you are requesting to be read or any additional information that comes through that you need to know. I tell you what I am getting whether it be messages from the angels or my clairvoyance that is leading me. After I finish the reading I thank the angels for their guidance. I then meditate again to clear myself from the your energy. If I did not, then I would carry your energy to the next reading, which is not conducive. You certainly would not want me to bring another person's energy into your reading, would you? ; )


If I decide to have a reading can my family and/or friends be there, also?

I do not like to read for more than one person at a time, as it creates too much chaos. Occasionally I will, but no more than two people and it is advisable that the two people are close (i.e. spouses, parent/child, siblings, lovers, etc.). When I do a reading, I read a person's energy. When there are more than two people, the energies becomes entirely to entangled, scattered and dissipated. It also destroys my concentration and focus of the reading. Hence, you do not receive the best reading I could give you.


Why can't psychics read for themselves?

The easiest answer is to fall back on the expression "can't see the forest cause of the trees". Being so close to our own lives does not always allow us to have an unbiased opinion. My mother was a gynecologist and I used to say "I'll read for myself when my mother gives herself a hysterectomy". Of course she had already had one, but that was beside the point. Dentist don't give themselves a root canal; as it is said, "a lawyer, who defends himself has a fool for a client' and the list goes on. The bottom line is we just can't be objective enough to give ourselves an accurate reading. And yes working with angels you would think I could read for myself, but again it is a bias situation. I do get a lot of info from them about me in meditation and that is a blessing. Though occasionally, I get things about myself and call one of my psychic friends for confirmation.


What are your fees for a psychic reading?

All fees are based on US DOLLARS. To view my fees, and other information that is relevant to your reading or other services I provide, please click


When will I receive my reading?

Generally within 5 to 7 business days. Once in awhile it may take a little longer. By the Grace of God that rarely happens. However, if it does my administrator, MariaSuzonne, will contact you.

MariaSuzonne will ask you to look as your calendar, 5 to 7 business days ahead, and give her the best days and times you are available. Then she will send you a confirmation email. You may also include your best days and times when placing an order; just put them in the comment section.


What are your work hours?

Rev. Cassandra's business days are:
Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
or Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

MariaSuzonne's business days are:
Monday to Friday - 10 am to 5 pm
Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.


Is there a list to make sure a person is a true psychic or spell caster?

The best answer I can give you is from sites outside my own. This sites are neutral so you will know they are not my personal opinion (a separate window will open to each link, which can be closed so you come back to this page to click the next link):
  • Consumer Fraud Reporting If you have been scammed you can report it at this site.....and please do so.

  • Gypsy Psychic Scams - has a list of over 750 fakes psychics, who are all in police databases..

  • Complaintboard.com - this is another site where consumers can file complaints.
    Here are the search results for psychics
    and I did a search for spell caster
    If you really want a shock read about: Ripoff Report. Then come back and read what I found out about them below.

  • ConsumerAffairs.com - yet another site where consumers file complaints
    They have spell casters, but it is mixed in with things like 'chair casters' and 'spelling tests'.

  • UPDATE: I used to use Ripoff Report a lot, but I refuse to use them any longer as they no longer give reliable complaints and apparently haven't for more than a decade. They used to be considered a great place for consumers to educate other consumers about businesses. Yet there are two memberships a business can join to save themselves from negative complaints; Verified aka Verified Businesses and Corporate Advocacy Program aka CAP. Instead of writing more about them here I've made a separate page to inform you. If you are interested Click here. A new window will open with a "Close This Window" button for your convenience.


I am interested in your spells and rituals also. How do I find out about them?

All my spells and rituals are at
http://Circle-of-Light.com/Spells/ or if you are interested in the Spells' faq page it is at http://Circle-of-Light.com/Spells/faq.html


Can I change my reading to another kind of reading or to a spell after I have ordered?

If you do so within 24 hours. Please also read my
terms of service in regards to scheduling an appt, changing an appt, and your privacy.


Can I cancel my ordered?

If you do so within 24 hours. Please also read my
terms of service in regards to scheduling an appt, changing an appt, and your privacy.


Is it safe to use my Credit Card online?

Absolutely. All your personal information is encrypted as it travels to our merchant account. Once your credit card company has been notified of the pending charge your card number is destroyed; except the last four digits. This is to ensure possible future communication between my merchant account and your credit card company....though this rarely happens.

Here is some information that will assist you with online purchases. When you are on the page that asks for your credit card info look at what is commonly called 'the location bar'; the place towards the top of your browser window that shows the web site's address (URL - Uniform Resource Locator). Example, from this page you see something like http://Circle-of-Light.com/Spells/faq.html The most important part you are looking for is within the http://. If it has https:// (note the letter 's') that means it is an extremely secure site that encrypts your credit card information. However, do know that if it has http:// then using your credit card is the same as using it in a restaurant, dept. store, etc. Somewhat safe, but not secure enough to encrypt your credit card info.


What if I don't have a credit card?

Most ATM Debit cards can be used the same way as a credit card. If yours does not have that capability then you can send a money order or cashier's check. Or you can contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne, and the two of you can figure something out that works for you.

If you need assistance then please contact my administrator, MariaSuzonne. Tell her your situation and what you are seeking. Then I shall assist you to choose the correct ritual or spell for you.


All fees are based on US DOLLAR$. To view my fees click HERE


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